Guest Fit Review: NULUX Wunder Speed Tight, Energy Bra, Regal Plum and Chilled Grape Scuba Hoodie III Comparison.

September 6, 2016

Huge thank you to Ms. M for sharing her fit review of the much anticipated NULUX fabric Wunder Speed Tights. From what I’ve seen, the print distribution is the same on every pair of tights. 

Ms. M:  The Scubas IIIs are the Heathered Regal Plum (left) and the new chilled grape.  The lighting really makes a difference.  Chilled grape is brighter and more purpley and RP is a pinker shade.  Both beautiful but very similar in some lights and not in others.  A hard decision! 

These tights though! Wow! They really feel light and not constricting in any way. As I mentioned in my post, I never buy “run” tights or even the regular WU tights with the sewn waist band because it always gives me a bit of muffin and I don’t like the constriction.  I usually wear high times or high rise crops for crossfit and running so the comfort of this band surprised me. These felt almost like high times waist band event though there is a draw string and stitched top.  The fabric is buttery luxtreme.  It’s awesome ! I hope more come out like this because they really are the best I’ve ever tried on. 

Wunder Speed Tight Nulux, Nulux Energy Bra/Marble Mix

 Heathered Regal Plum (left) Chilled Grape (right)

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20 responses to “Guest Fit Review: NULUX Wunder Speed Tight, Energy Bra, Regal Plum and Chilled Grape Scuba Hoodie III Comparison.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those tights look amazing on her. Don't think they would do me any favours tho.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They do look a lot more appealing in these photos. Thanks for the review.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Once they come in multi-color, I'm sold.

  4. Wow they look amazing. Serious ab goals there. Still not crazy about the print but I'm willing to try them on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anon 10:33pm that the tights look great on Ms. M but they wouldn't do me any favours either. I can't believe LLL is bringing out Fall colours so similar to last years gluttony of Red Grape, Ultra Violet, Tender Violet, Regal Plum (can't remember the name of the other plum). There is no way I am spending that kind of money for something so close to colours I already have.

  6. Roxxielove21 says:

    Mrs. M looks amazing in those tights. But I don't think they would work on me. Hopefully they come out in some solid colors. I've been dying to buy some new lulu but nothing speaks to me in the new uploads….

  7. janine57 says:

    Wondering if the nulux tights are compressive and if show imperfections? Can't imagine anything looking bad on that body (wow on those abds!)
    I really dislike the marble print hope it comes out in other colors/prints.

    OT I feel like every time lulu wants to boost profits they release something in Bali breeze( which I love).

  8. Gail Kellner says:

    Wow, Ms. M has amazing body–can't imagine anything gives her a muffin top. I don't think the tights would look as great on me, but I do admit I'd like to try them on.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Can't imagine any pants giving that ripped body muffin top. Won't give these ones a try as I don't like the print but will definitely give the nulux a try in a pattern/print that appeals to me. Thanks Ms. M for taking the time to review! J

  9. Anonymous says:

    as good as these tights look on her, if they are engineered by design, they could have at least matched the bum pattern! I find it SO ODD that the patterns are SOOO off at the butt seam… jmo! they look GREAT on her though

  10. carrie says:

    I'm confused – is that a marked down Regal Plum Scuba? That color has been sitting on WMTM for months in every size in the US and is still there right now. I love the Scuba III and am patiently awaiting some awesome fall colors (not Regal Plum again!)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Ms. M for the review! You look stunningly fit..I'm matter how much cardio/ab work/pilates/yoga/Core & ab work I do (with appropriate eating & sleeping), I can never achieve your abs! I'd be happy w/ a flat tummy, which eludes!

    Anyway, what is the price point of the NULUX bottoms & top? I am almost afraid to ask…but I suppose that if the material isn't sheer & (doesn't have a white background), more comfy, with sturdy/comfortable seams, and hopefully more pill-resistant; the price point would make it worth it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I'm wondering, did she stay TTS with the pants?

  13. You look amazing! I would take that muffin top any day. lol

  14. Anonymous says:

    I've definitely seen differing pattern placement on those wunder speeds, so doesn't look like a digital print…

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