I went to Metrotown today in hopes that I’d find the NULUX Speed Wunder Tights that Ms. R shared with us from the Kelowna store yesterday. Unfortunately Metrotown had a pretty dismal new product assortment (except for that horrid Savasana Waterproof Jacket that makes me feel like a pregnant rhino!) so I didn’t get to try them on – but I do plan on trying them on immediately once they are available so that I can give you a proper review. I’ll probably also purchase a pair to try out for a workout as long as the print doesn’t look terrible. The true test! Whilst I was there I decided to try on what I could so that it wasn’t a wasted tripe. 

Muscle Swing Tank, Paisley Print Wunder Under Crops High Times

Here is the size 8 Muscle Swing Tank – sized down from my usual size 10. They didn’t have a size 10 for me to try on but I’m pretty confident that this is the size I’d choose anyways. It’s very relaxed fit and long but the right amount of hug over the bust. 

I’m not a huge fan of paisley print so wasn’t super excited to try these crops on but once on I actually thought it was a really nice print. I wish the material didn’t have sheen to it since I’m gravitating more towards matte prints but besides that, both the color and the print was fun. The print is backed in chilled grape and when it stretches out there isn’t very much fade of the print.  


Yogi Racerback III Heathered Alberta Lake TTS 10

I’m obsessed with Heathered Alberta Lake so I did purchase this on last weeks upload. Since it was in store today I decided to try it on so you could see the color and the fit. This is my TTS and I prefer this size in the Yogi Racerback III. The other ones I have have stretched out and relaxed quite a lot so I can see how some like to size down in this tank, but I prefer the looser fit and length. I’ll get a ton of use out of this tank. 


Essential Tank Size 8

I ordered the size 10 Essentials Tank in Mauve and I love it but I wanted to double check that I didn’t prefer the 8. Many people are sizing down in this tank and as you can see the size down works just fine, but I definitely prefer the looser longer fit of the 10 on me. I just find the pleats in the back lay nicer and smoother and I love the added length.  


  1. Wow you look amazing….especially love the swing tank and paisley bottoms. That print and colour combo is growing on me….thanks for the reviews…love them

  2. All the tanks look good on you especially the Essence Tank and Yogi Racerback. The Swing Tank looks good but in the last picture it looks like you can see your bra through it, maybe it's the lighting? I like that they made a tank with normal sized armholes and good coverage but it's too long for me. I agree with you on the sizing of the Essence Tank, my usual size 4 was just a bit snug around the chest and arm pit so I sized up. The WUC paisley print with chilled grape actually looks better than I thought they would but I would still prefer a more muted colour with the black in that print. I got my Ceremony Sweatpants from last upload but returned them because they are Modal French Terry which is so much thinner and stretchier than regular French Terry. Thanks for the fit reviews and great pics!

    1. Thanks! Yes the Essence Tank is a huge winner for me and I feel better spending that price tag on that design vs. the new CRB for similar price. I can see myself getting more if the right colors come around. Yes, in certain overhead lighting you can see my bra through the black tank. I didn't use flash and my bra was nude coloured, for reference. I really love that tank but it's on my 'maybe' pile since it's so simple and not workout to street versatile.

      Interesting about the Modal french terry. I wondered if this years sweat pant was modal.

    2. Hey LLM, I tried on the ceremony pants too and while they were silky soft, I felt they were too light for me for any kind of cold weather ( I am a wimp in the cold) but it was the bottoms that cinched the no buy for me. They were tight and the legs gaped over the cuff creating the gene lamp look. Yep. No.

    3. LOL Anon 6:00pm Spot on with your genie lamp look description, that is exactly what they looked like on me. I don't like Modal French Terry at all, too warm for summer and not warm enough for winter. I also do not like that they are 86% polyester, 14% elastane, making them feel like a knit jersey and imagine how much they are going to pill.

  3. those bottoms look great on you!!! interesting how only now they can finally make patterned pants on something other than a white base….

    1. Thanks! They are smart wool but I got them either at Nordstrom Rack or on Amazon. They where on clearance but you can often find them on amazon for the same price.

  4. You look so cute in everything!! I'm especially interested to see that the chilled grape looks good with both the mauve and alberta lake. I was wondering what other colors besides black/grey/white I could pair it with. I really like that paisley print, but I'm hesitant to order them since I got the posey print speed tights in red grape and the look is similar.

    1. Thank you!! Yes I would normally have tried on the tanks with my black bottoms, and the bottoms with my grey top but I opted to try the bottoms on first and see how they paired with the other colors and surprisingly they all played nicely. I am usually hesitant to buy bottoms in a colourful print for this out of fear of having to always pair it with neutral tops.
      They are so similar to the posey print that I would definitely sit them out. In fact, I maybe like posey print better.

    2. You are helping boost my willpower! I can already hear my husband saying, "Don't you have a pair like that already?" I'll hope for some shorts or tank in the print instead. 🙂

  5. Now I finally get the Alberta lake hoopla…you look great in that and the other tanks as well. Thanks for the fit review.

  6. oh my Lord! I love that Alberta Lake Yogi Tank. I bought it today :))))) I also bought the black and white paisley print Hotty Hot Shorts

  7. I love the fit reviews. It's nice to see some honesty! It seems like with the new website design, every product has tons of fake product reviews. I don't really remember seeing that with the old website. I remember seeing a lot more negative ones with the old website. There was a review for the Yin Yang top that drove me insane. It just screams planted by the company and has an explanation about why the top material is so fragile. Insane! The prices are going up and I don't feel like it's justified . . .

    I just tried on my new Yin Time. I am so pleased with it . I love the longer back and the round shape to the hem. The stragtically placed little detail holes are so beautiful. We will have to treat this sweater like a new born baby though if you want it to last. The fabric is very thin and could potentially pill if not washed by hand with care and layed out flat to dry. The bordeaux color looks so classic with my blonde hair and I know this is a winner for sure its light and small enough to fit into my festival bag for cooler evenings and I would even wear this to work with a pencil skirt or slacks.. I don't know if ill be taking this to yoga until I've had some nice outfits with it though!! Its almost to nice to sweat in!! Just be careful with this and it will be a winner !! TTS
    my only worry is this shirt will have bad reviews about pilling and snagging if its not taken really good care of. So it will take some effort on the wearers part to make this gem last!!

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