My blogger project for the day was setting up my camera so that I could streamline downloading photos (it’s a WIFI camera without HDMI cables and it has to go to a dedicated Canon website album) and make it so that I could easily use my camera for fit review posts on Mondays in a way that is as easy and quick to process as using my iPhone had been. Hello iCloud and instant photo streaming onto my computer. I hope to provide you guys with crisper, quality pictures and truer colors for fit reviews. I want you guys to know that I really take your comments and critiques seriously and when I can I try to implement your suggestions. I really hope Monday’s product drop photos are an upgrade for you guys. In the meantime, my first photo for the blog upgrade was this color comparison of Heathered Muted Mauve to very similar Heathered Purple Fog and Heathered Barkberry. As you can see, this is a color family I really love. I also posted it to instagram first and then embedded it here so if any of you are interested in following my Instagram account (which I really appreciate) feel free to click on the image bellow and it should direct you there.

*please don’t point out the absolute simplicity of using the SD card to download images. It has only now occurred to me. After several hours of fiddling around with my camera and computer. 

#luluaddict #lululemon color comparisons of like colors

A photo posted by Lulumum (@lulumumblog) on Sep 2, 2016 at 2:44pm PDT

  1. I have the On the Double in Barkberry and while I love the colour I think I am a tad too pale for this colour and same goes for the mauve. However, I love the Heathered Purple Fog, is that a Swiftly by chance? I don't know how I missed out in that colour.

  2. Nice picture comparison! Your footnote mentioning the simplicity of using a sd card made me laugh. I can relate 100% and appreciate all your efforts, thank you:)

    1. lol, I feel like such a dope. I would have used it much sooner had I realized that. The WIFI download is horribly slow with a few cumbersome steps to get it onto my hard drive. We've got tons of our holiday pictures in the canon album. With the SD card you literally stick it in the slot and then it pops up on iPhotos which is where I want them. Derp!

  3. I wish I had something bark berry like the Scuba :(. I have clothes in colors similar to dusty muave but only one workout top in that color. If they come out with tanks and sweaters(!) I like, then I might have to splurge.

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