1. So crazy this came up today. My friend at work got a "Wantables" box and the leggings in there were totally cyber stripe. They were EXACT! The only different was the logo which looked like a sparkly dove.

  1. I used to be SO Excited with lululemon new releases, especially going into another season. It has been nothing but lackluster. No unique designs, colors…that scream I am lulu and fabulous. UGH. I'm still waiting for the Old lulu to come back. Wake me up when that happens.

    1. 'Even more worrisome, though, was a change quietly folded into the company’s most recent financial filing, which removed the words “developing the highest quality products” from a list of what Lululemon calls its “core values.”'
      ok now I'm really worried. and sad.

    2. Yes, anon 2:51, that is what stood out to me the most too. We've all noticed the quality going downhill for quite some time, so that isn't a surprise really, but to see it here like this is worrisome. I still don't understand how they think they can get away with raising prices while at the same time lowering the quality… and it's been happening for years now… but the price hikes over the past year have not been fair at all.

      Thanks so much for posting this anon 2:02!

    3. Well the really sad thing about that is people continue to buy their products even with prior knowledge of pilling and ravelling seams so unless people refuse to buy this will not change.

  2. Excuse my ignorance here, but I know that Lulu is aggressively focusing on expanding their Men's line; could they also be more focused on Ivivva, as well? Ivivva sure is making some cute stuff. I've been heading there more then Lulu these days. Could that be one of the reasons why the quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design is going downhill on the Women's line? Or are Ivivva and Lulu separate companies?

  3. All those Nikeish tights that went to wmtm: total Nike, UA, or Reebok ripoffs. Today I saw a black/grey Nike dri fit shirt that LLL has also copied in the "warp" pattern (i.e. big blobs, splotches), see the Warp Ice Grey Black for what I'm talking about. The also emulated this Nike shirt when they released the last versions of the Rest Less pullovers.

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