Sunshine Coast Long Sleeve, Wunder Under Pant High Rise *Shine On

Cool Racerback *Shine On

Down For A Run Vest

Speed Tight

Radiant Jacket

 In The Present Pouch

Enherrten Tank

Wunder Under Pant *High Rise *Shine On

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  1. I get that mesh can be sexy and flattering but the mesh in these Shine On bottoms don't look good at all.
    I like the speed tight with the weave.

    1. Agree with you on the non-sexy mesh here. As a runner who appreciates the ventilation from mesh ( I think Nike usually does it well since it's more subtle and there's more coverage in the back of the knee areas) the mesh in these pics make the tights look like club wear , not serious workout wear.

  2. Ugh I love the sunshine coast LS but I think it's pricey. How does the Boolux material hold up? Does it stretch out (I read it did in Find Your mantra Henley reviews)?

    1. My FYM henley hasn't stretched out, but it does pill VERY easily with minimal contact with other fabrics (think under the arms, anywhere it might come in contact with the strap from a bag, etc.) I wore it under a jacket with a shiny, synthetic material on the inside that created no friction with the fabric of the top, yet there were even a few pills at boob-level on the chest when I took it off (after mostly just sitting around and running errands all day – nothing strenuous). I wanted the Sunshine Coast LS, too, but the price is too crazy given the pilling and the fact that the back is sheer.

    2. Thanks so much for your reply. I agree the price is too high, if it wasn't sheer I would be more likely to try it out despite pilling issues, but for me personally $100 is too much for a shirt I wouldn't be comfortable wearing outside the gym (because of the sheerness). I am also surprised that the FYM Henley is still around $90 on WMTM…

    3. I am so tempted by the Sunshine Coast LS. On the lulu site it looks way more sheer than it does in these pictures. I really love the fatigue green, but not sure I want to shell out $100 on a shirt that may or may not be see thru.

    4. I wasn't even interested in Sunshine coast LS until I saw it at a store today. It looks really nice on and it covers my butt a bit which I like. For me it was definitely a size up item. I usually wear 2 in everything and bought a 4 in this and even 6 looked very nice if I wanted something a bit looser. The sleeves are awkwardly short or not stretchy in this shirt. I just hate these boring colors. How much gray can we have? I bought it for now but will keep tags on for a while.

    5. I am glad to read about the pilling of the Henley. I like the BD one but held out for WMTM. Well, now it's at what I consider a retail price and it pills. No gracias.

    6. I tried on the Sunshine Coast LS today and I loved it, but I didn't love it 100.00 worth. I will certainly grab it if it ever makes it to WMTM. It is definitely sheer in the back so a size up is suggested. I also tried on the Radiant Jacket and fell in love. It's gorgeous. If I needed another jacket I would have gotten it.

    7. I got rid of all my Boolux Lulu, except for a wrap. The fabric is too finicky for my taste and lifestyle. I would never get the Sunshine Coast LS, simply because of the sheerness. I have no place to wear such a sheer garment.

  3. Does anyone have any advice on whether the radiant jacket is TTS or if getting a size up is a better idea? Has anyone found it particularly snug or roomy? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the info Starfighter, I appreciate it! Ugh I want it so bad! I might have to pull the trigger… I love long sweaters that cover my bum, and I never use the hoods on hoodies, so this could be perfect

    2. Thank you for the link! I think I'm going to go for it, but I might wait until Thursday just in case some other colour options get uploaded 🙂 the white looks great on you, but that black herringbone is gorgeous too

    3. I got the cream colour in a size 8 – I normally wear a size 10 in the Scubas. It is indeed gorgeous and more versatile than the Scuba, although a touch thinner. I love wearing it, and I will get the black herringbone too if it ever comes to Canada.

  4. The mesh tights and CRB are so unappealing in my view. I'm slim and could pull these off but they just don't speak quality to me. Waste of money if you ask me. Sunshine coast LS, what a snoozefest. Tights with the weave/ribbon, am glad to see close ups of these because thought originally they had appeal, I am over it.

    Now the black and white stuff that's been released in Hong Kong, there I might have a problem. Lots of appealing items. But I remind myself, I only have so much money and so much time to wear all of these items (even though I workout hardcore).

  5. I couldn't size up in the Sunshine Coast sweater because it draped ridiculously long and looked droopy so I got three in my chai time size and will wear one and see if it loosens with wear and I'll return the other two if it doesn't work out.

    1. If you don't mind me asking, what size are you? I'm told by many to size up, but my 5'2.5" height I am worried it would be too long on me for the Sunshine Coast sweater.

    2. I'm a 4 in bra tops but sometimes s 6 in tops with sleeves and scubas & a 4 in bottoms but I'm barely 5' and it hung pretty far. Two educators even admitted it looked overwhelming on small frames lengthwise. I would've made it work if it was tighter in the hips and would stay put.

  6. Got my Speed Tight Weave today. Pretty sure they're brushed. Can anyone help me understand whether these are brushed or just s different blend of Luxtreme? They're thicker than my other Speeds. That's good!

  7. Hey LLM, did you get the new heathered sapphire swiftly? I ordered the SS online b/c I didn't see it in store but it is a completely different colour! It is striped, not the new darker saturated blue. I thought the website picture was wrong but I guess the Canadian and US HSAP are different colours?? Just curious which colour they sent you.

  8. Please, does anyone know what black jacket is pictured with the berry rumble ponytail run and done headband?? Thank you!!! I asked customer service and they said maybe it hasn't been released?

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