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Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015 – Seattle

December 1, 2015

News on another Lululemon Warehouse Sale! According to Lulu Addict, she’s heard that Vancouver will be getting one too. I hope to learn soon if that is true because otherwise I need to plan a day trip to Seattle for this one. 

Lululemon Warehouse Sale

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6 responses to “Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015 – Seattle”

  1. Michelle Lu says:

    Do you think the items will be worth the 30% currency disparity? I absolutely love Seattle and would love a reason to go, but this darn CAD makes it impossible 🙁

    • Lulumum says:

      Honestly no. I'd have a hard time justifying it unless the prices are lower than 30% off which is unlikely. We have the Burlington outlet which is pretty close (an hour and a half or so?) and the items are never super enticing to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, an Ed at my store said Seattle and Vancouver were getting warehouse sales

  3. LuluMama007 says:

    They should do one in Oregon!!! Close enough and no sales tax.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Edmonton is a confirmed warehouse sale in January

  5. Anonymous says:

    Edmonton & Seattle are the only two

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