What a completely lame upload for Canada once again. What the heck is going on with the inventory, Lululemon? Is this just lululemon capitalizing on the high US dollar? Rather annoying for your Canadian customers! Or perhaps there some very serious inventory allocation issues going on? I really like the Cosmic Teal Cool Racerback that the US got but I’m unwilling to pay $62.31 plus taxes to get it. And judging by the way Canada hasn’t been getting any Go The Distance Jackets in the new colors or the high rise Space Dye Twist WU’s we probably wont get the CRB. Sorry, I have a bad attitude today but I’m also finding the local stores aren’t getting much for product drops lately either and they’ve virtually pulled the store product photos save for a few scraggler photos here and there.  

Are you as annoyed as I am or am I just in a cranky-pants mood? Did you find anything to like today? 

Cool Racerback (US)

On The Double Pullover (US)

Karma Kurmasana Sweater (CAN)

Find Your Mantra Pant (CAN)

Wunder Under Crop III Luxtreme (CAN)

Versa Vest

This is such a completely unhelpful photo. And this one was the best of the lot. 

Go The Distance Jacket (US)

Mesh With Me LS (US)

Take It Easy SS Tee (US)

Interested in this tee

Wunder Under Pant (US)

Jet Crop Slim (US)

Speed Shorts

    1. That 3rd image down of the blonde model wearing the black vest…the striptease image…seriously???

      I'd like to know if these are genuinely warm/insulating. If so, I'm game.

    2. I ordered the versa vest to try as well. After getting over my irritation of the completely USELESS pictures of this product!!!! (okay, had to get that out) So I went into the US website version and they, of course, had two colours of the versa vest. The other was Angel Wing and the product photos of that one were not as useless. Next to no product description of that one either. Don't know the length. Cant tell on these models, they look tall but not sure. With all the money that LLL makes you think they would be able to hire a competent photographer. I have sent repeated feedback to heylululemon but have never gotten a response. I think that arena is useless too. (Sorry everyone for the rant)

    3. And I hope they don't sell out because I went with my normal top size despite it saying "snug fit." With lulu these days it could mean snug as a corset or sorta fitted in only a couple of key places. If it does fit with enough room under the armpit to layer it could be a win.

  1. I bought two Scuba IIs: one for me in Majestic Denim (YAY!) and one for my daughter in Heathered Speckled Black (Christmas gift). I'm late to the Scuba game but I now have three and she has a couple too. Now if they're discontinued I won't be as upset.

    My third In Flux jacket arrived today. I love the Dark Fuel but I can't decide if I'm going to keep it. I have and love both Cranberry and Angel Wing. I'm not sure a third is justified; if we got a CRB in Deep Fuel I'd get the colour out of my system. I'm going to keep the tags on; I might go for the Studio Pants in that shade instead.

    I'm not annoyed at Lulu but I have started buying other brands. I have converted wholly to Lorna Jane bras and I bought two pair of Zella tights in the US over Canadian Thanksgiving. They're awesome and a lot cheaper.

  2. The lack of photos has really diminished my enthusiasm, and waiting for the right color/style/material combo to come out is frustrating. I also feel like the influx of new product styles is much more rapid than it used to be (and many products that are very similar are being released very close together), which makes me less inclined to buy because buying and returning things is a real hassle, and limited inventory means you basically get one shot on some items – if you didn't pick the right size, you're SOL. I also don't like being stuck with something that I bought as a substitute only to have the item I did want get released just after the return window closes

  3. The CAN upload was okay. The Toronto vs Everyone tank was interesting, and finally the CRB appeared in heathered menthol. Will the heathered fatigue CRB ever appear on a Canadian upload? I always look but doubt it. I got the cyber stripe flash light menthol WUP to go with the heathered menthol tank, but on second thought, there is a 99% chance I will be returning them.

  4. I do find it frustrating at times, especially when you are very interested in an item that is in another country. I want the new Track to reality pants III so bad, to only name one, but yet nothing for Canada. So I do agree with you that it's frustrating and that both countries should have the same inventory.
    I have been waiting so long for the Versa vest and I'm so happy it finally found its way to Canada, I ordered it, yeah!!!!! So happy about that one!

  5. I am finding it disappointing when the items or colours I am waiting for are not uploaded to Canada – like the restored winder unders in static/black and the pullover in the bordeaux colour. I like the heathered menthol CRB and think it would be so nice with the new striped vinyasa but I am leary on ordering it since most CRBs lately are not cottony and soft. Does anyone have any input as to the depth of the menthol colour and the heathered crb in this colour? Not sure if either has made it to stores yet since I don't have one near me.

  6. I didn't think the upload was great for the US either – we just finally got some things that everyone else has had for weeks and weeks – brushed speed tights and turn around tights, for example. And what also frustrates me is that all these tights are being released in the same colors – black, bordeaux (or wine berry), and black with a print waistband. So the brushed speed tights finally uploaded – which I've been waiting for FOREVER – and I'm not buying any of them because I already have bordeaux and black toasty tech tights! Anyway, Lulumum, I think you're justifiably irritable!

  7. It's not just you, I'm annoyed too. I've stuck up for Lululemon in the past cuz I can't blame anyone wanting to capitalize on the dollar disparity, but it's becoming a real drag for us. They're pushing our loyalty.

    1. @supermario, you might want to look at the bottoms of the Mantra pant. They look like they are made for women who are 6feet fall. Since there sweater material, you cant hem them. They look like they have potential but I think the bottoms make them a no-go. (At least for me anyways.) I could give you a very long list of things on the US side that I have been waiting for in Canada awhile. However, reading the comments here and there it always seems like the US people want the Cad stuff, and vice-versa!! lol…I think consistency is the key to making BOTH sides of the border happy…

    2. All I wanted was On the Double pullover in Berry and US didn't get it, but Canada did. They also got Fluffin awesome vest in gray like 3 weeks ago and we still did not. Now it's sold out in my size 4 on their site so I can't even order it from Canada 🙁 I also really wanted to check out Dramatic static HT , but US never got them.

    3. @ Lululover: Just curious why the preference of the HT in dramatic static over the high rise/roll down wonder unders (WHICH EVER THEY ARE CALLING THE HIGHER RISE NOW! To add to everyone's irritation tonight: that's my problem. In store they don't even know the difference OR that online there are two different names for what appears to be the same pant! There are two names online, right? Rant over. My apologies. Please set me straight if there is a simple explanation that I'm too stupid, and annoyed, to figure out).
      Back to my query: is it just the length or are the HTs very different that the lasted version of the high rise WUs?
      I've been eying the dramatic static print. Waited too long on the coco pique but dramatic looks more interesting.
      Anyone tried them yet? TIA! And for your patience in my befuddlement.
      Lastly, that vest: it's COTTON. Right? Where is the warmth factor?!? I've just moved back to the north east from 7 years in south Texas and am fearing the cold weather. Have been looking for a vest but not finding anything that fits with ANY degree of flattering. Just for casual wear. Not gonna be running or anything. Thanks!

    4. HT are (depending on your height) more ankle length/7/8th pants and have a high rise waist. I'm 5'6" and the HT hit right above my ankles. I never buy WUP anymore just WUC and HT. I think the waist is the same as the high rise WUP. And then the WUP are a full pant with bunching at the ankle.

      I wouldn't get the dramatic static simply because they're backed in white so when they stretch the print looks bad. The pique is a knit or whatever and way better feeling. There will be a ton more pique/herringbone. I love both.

    5. Thank you Lululover: I'm just under 5"5' and do like the newer version of the HT (the ones I have from when they first came out – spring '14?? – seem to slide down). Will take note re ankle bunching when/if can try pants on in store.
      And thank you [email protected]:49: Last year I got a coco pique top which I love so I understand re "knit" as opposed to "print". Sorry to hear that dramatic static is white backed. Ugh. In moving across country I didn't move fast enough to get either the HT or WU coco pique. But thanks to your positive outlook that there will be more to come I'll keep an eye out. 😉
      It's great to have y'all out there for feedback – and to the hostess to giving us a place to chat!

    6. @10:42 – if you've just moved up here from the south, I'd recommend you buy some Patagonia, or any of the Columbia with the metallic inner lining. Columbia is cheaper and easier to come by in stores, but Patagonia is my favourite. Don't wait around on Lulu's winter items, as they'll never be warm enough and will take forever to release.

    7. @12:17 Oh I totally agree! My friends used to tease me as being a walking ad for Patagonia products. Excellent company – both in quality and socially responsibility. I only started wearing LLL when I moved down south and realized the only way I could cope with the heat was to wear clothing that was meant to sweat in. Will be digging out my stored Pata products shortly. But still on the make for some neutral patterned leggings 😉 I was such a Patagonia "addict" that I never tried Columbia. Thank you for your suggestions 🙂

  8. I got the pullover in white but not sure will keep – I usually size down in POs but this looked TTS on the models and snug fitting so I opted to give it a shot in my TTS.

  9. I really like the karma kurmasana sweater. Just unsure of the colour to order. The teal sort of reminds me of the 80's but I have so much black and grey it is getting redundant! I love the zippers on the sides and the beautiful neckline. Hopefully my size doesn't sell out before I decide. Hopefully it is not too thick since lulu makes all their jackets so fitted that I may not be able to fit it under anything.

  10. For anyone trying to decide on sizing for the On The Double Pullover… I sized down to a 4 in the Stress Less Hoodie/Pullover but stayed TTS with a 6 in this one. It definitely runs a bit smaller than the Stress Less. For the new Gather & Crow Crop, I went with my smaller size 4, they seemed to run a little big.

    1. Which color? I'm asking because the Heathered angel wing/white seems so much shorter than the other colors! It might just be the model but I was wondering if you had seen a difference depending on the color?

    2. It's funny because in the store pics the white looks fine but on the website model it looks like a croptop (the white). I also sized down in Stress Less but sized TTS for this.

  11. I also am finding the two countries getting different product or colors very frustrating. There are things the U.S. have got that Canada did not and I wish I could have bought some of them including the gator green jet slim crops.

  12. I received my Toronto vs. everyone tank today (which I ordered in 2 sizes to see which fit better). Neither came in a plastic bag (which they always do online) and neither had a hang tag. Has this happened to anyone else? What will they do regarding returns? Thanks!

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