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On The Go Scarf, On The Double Pullover, Gather & Crow Crop II, Wrap It Up, On The Go Ear Warmer, On The Go Gloves

October 21, 2015

On The Double Pullover, On The Go Ear Warmer, On The Go Gloves

Gather & Crow Crop II

Gather & Crow Crops, On The Go Scarf

Wrap It Up

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9 responses to “On The Go Scarf, On The Double Pullover, Gather & Crow Crop II, Wrap It Up, On The Go Ear Warmer, On The Go Gloves”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you already have big calves and you want your calves to look even bigger, the Gather and Grow crop is your friend.

    • Lululover says:

      Anon 3:45: lol! I'm surprised lulu bringing them back. Such a dated style IMO

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm glad they brought them back. I like Wunder Unders, but like the Gather and Crow style better. I couldn't care less if some people think it's outdated. I wear what I like and don't follow the herd. It's nice to have a change in style from only leggings styles all of the time. I like variety. Seems like the two commenters above care more about superficial things and more about what others will think. btw, nobody cares about what you look like or what you wear as much as you think, and if they do then they are just as superficial, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      seems like you're taking the two comments above just a smidge too seriously! it was just their opinions on the crops

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did I also see the Speedy Runsie in black in the US as a blast from the past? And a swim top too? (no matching bottom?
    Just noticed that the Evolution Leg Warmers (as gorgeous as the new colors are) went up from $10 from last year (from $48 to $58). I know they are merino wool, but can't bite the bullet.
    With these overall price increases, the overall quality of Lulu products and quality of Customer Care (& care/loyalty to loyal customers) sadly has NOT improved. I am finding it harder to harder to justify purchases. I am glad this is curbing my Lulu addiction. I do love all the educators/managers at my local store.
    I am hesitant to go crazy to buy a new product: so many times the leggings/ants have pilled ; there is one too many snags on swiftlies or sweaters; the seams of a bra/pant/top fall apart. And this is with recent product with minmal use and TLC.
    I dislike damaging items out only to be told that the snag,pills "do not affect function." And this is after splurging lots of $ on an clothing item that is long since sold out and irreplaceable.
    My old lulu wears well and looks newer than newly purchased items.
    Don't mean to complain, but I am more & more disappointed in Lulu. A blessing in disguise so I can make my wallet happy! Thanks Lulumum for also sharing your fit reviews with other brands :o)

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear ya on the pilling – it can be frustrating. Try buying a fabric shaver. I got one off Amazon a few years ago and de-pilled all my Lulus. I have Still Pants and Grooves from 8 years ago that now look amazingly brand new again. Of course it would be nice not to have to do this at all, but it's a quick fix and well worth it, especially for beloved items you can't buy anymore.

  3. dogrunner says:

    I just got back from a trip to my store. The on the go wrap Is very very cute and I'd have purchased it if I didn't already buy poncho this fall (splendid from Nordies anniversary). Can't see needing two ponchos but I'd really recommend it if you are interested in that style. It's nicely made and has options with the zipper. I'd did come home with the gloves in black. Similar price point/ style to some echo gloves at Nordies but the echo were acrylic. I have a question regarding the speed tight IV's. They are getting some bad reviews online. I order the stripped rebel runners but they don't fit me in the calf and when I sized down they became sheer, also really slippery feeling…so I tried on the speeds in the giant herringbone and loved the material. After purchasing I checked the reviews and they are not good…lulumum, I know you have them in the wee are they? Have they stretched out or ripped in any places?

    • Lulumum says:

      I'm very interested in the scarf in black. I love that the black one has the faux leather look at the zipper.

      I have the striped rebel runners and I don't find them too sheer. you can slightly see the rip tag but not underwear. My only nit with them is that they are long and the black contrast at my lower calf hits at my widest part of my calf so makes me look shorter in the leg. I like them otherwise though and am probably keeping them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To each their own on clothing, of course we do not all like the same stuff. I too was a little surprised the Gather & Crow crop is back. I also don't care for the style, it just isn't for me. I wear knee length crops exactly because they are more flattering for my legs. Haha I have well developed runners calves which make me self-conscious but I am never going to be down on myself for having super strong legs (which also help me in yoga). But it is true not all styles work best for everyone.

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