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Picnic Play Dress

July 23, 2015

Picnic Play Dress

After seeing try-on photos online I think I regret not ordering the black Picnic Play Dress when it was online two uploads ago. If you are looking, Coquitlam Centre Lululemon has the Gingham in today in a size 6. I believe they do charge-sends and free shipping like the other local stores. 

Picnic Play Dress

Picnic Play Dress

Picnic Play Dress

Picnic Play Dress

Picnic Play Dress

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  1. Sisi80 says:

    I bought this exact one. Loved the cut up top and the back straps. I would say to size up because this is a tight fit. While I thought it was flattering and cute, I ended up returning because wasn't sure how much wear I'd get. I felt like for running around with kids, the tight fit was way toooooo "hot mom" if that makes any sense!

  2. stylistadiva1 says:

    I wonder if other stores will get the dress in. It is a snug TTS, however I don't know that it would look as good if you size up. I think it would end up having more folds/wrinkling as opposed to a 'body skimming' look that people may want. Too me, the fit would be like sizing up in your WUCs where you get the wrinkling and sagging in certain areas. It would be interesting to see a comparison of someone in a TTS and size up to see.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I disagree that one should size up. I purchased the gingham dress in my regular size, and it fits well without being too snug. It is a "bodycon" style dress. To wear it baggy would not be flattering. Plus, even speaking as a small B-cup, sizing up would mean less support from the shelf bra, which would be unflattering.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well this is my two cents worth – I bought the dress in black in my TTS and gingham in both TTS and a size up. WHy I didn't order a size up in the black – is beyond me – as I was more likely to keep black! For reference I am 5'4" 135 lbs – 32/34a/b – 27" waist – mummy tummy waist – I wear size 27" guess, silver jeans. I typically wear size 6 in most tanks ( i size down in CRB so that it is snug on tummy, but it is quite snug across chest. I wear size 6 in most bottoms, sometimes I size down in a skirt like ace, pacesetter and pleat to street. KEY….I wear a size 6 in FTBW, even though 8 fits – but the straps are loose so they are not quite as loose on a size 6 – which provides me much better support than the 8. OK, so the dress looks amazing from the back view, and front view…in both colours. It is skin snug – so not a dress to wear to work. The length is reasonable for me, just below knee which I didn't find as bad as I had heard. I can walk in it ok,…I don't have to shuffle. For me, from the side view – it shows off my mummy tummy (not huge but I notice it) and my small boobs are sagging as there is absolutely no support!!!! So I am not sure I like the profile view of dress on me, which may be the deal breaker – I haven't tried it on a day that I am not feeling fat! THe bottom bra band does not encircle the rib cage completely. It simply runs along the front of the dress and up the straps. And since the straps aren't taught on me, maybe because I am shorter and usually struggle with long straps of LLL tops – I am not getting a "lift" or support from the bra piece of the dress… sad. So if you are taller than me or have a long upper body or really wide upper body, maybe the straps will be snug on you and pull back enough to lift or support your breasts. I don't consider myself large by any means, but gravity pulls them down! Maybe I am being too picky – I am going to ask for another opinion. I feel if I am already self conscious about my slight tummy and then the lack of lift on the breasts – I may not feel comfortable wearing the dress….I need to lift to detract from the mummy tummy and make it less pronounced. The black certainly camoflauges the bumps/lumps better than gingham. I actually found the ACE dress in black to be super slimming from a profile perspective – which the design and solid black – I think it looks amazing! However I like the idea of not wearing a bra with the dress and having it long enough to be more dressy!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hated the dress on me. I couldn't walk in it. It's inappropriate for most everything I do. It's going back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    OT but I received my Amala tank today and I absolutely love it! Too bad Canada isn't getting more colours in that style. The straps are not super wide so it doesn't look like a "full figure" top – as I like thin straps, more ballerina like tops. But the bodice part is snug – perfect! I find I have to size down in CRBs to get the bodice to fit my tummy better but then it is snug on chest and you can see thru if it is white on the other side of tank. And too boot there is a nice simple netting line that runs from back to front making the profile look thin. I wish they would make more of these tops!

    • Anonymous says:

      oh my, I missed that – there is a pretty plume Amala to be released in Canada! I will jump on that for sure, I am thinking I may prefer them over the CRBs – though you can't show off pretty bra straps!!! Thx for insight. Its going to be an expensive Tuesday for me! I definetly want the pretty plume high times..I wasn't crazy about print at first but the detail around bottom is amazing! love it. And I am waiting on the black/white stripe WUC too! I was contemplating getting the true self crop in black/white bleacher wave but I think I am going to splurge on plume HT and striped WUC!!! .

    • Lulumum says:

      That is great to know! Now I'm leaning towards the Amala in the pretty plume vs. the other yoga tank in that print.

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry in my long evaluation of the dress i forgot to mention that I am talking about my TTS 6. The size up was way looser on the straps, which meant even more sagging on chest, but it was looser around bottom. Also, it was a struggle to get dress off (TTS) lol….I was thinking I was going to have to ask for help! Hope others have better luck with it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I also bought the picnic dress and usually try to buy Lulu dresses for work. This is def more of a snug dress. I wear mostly 4 (for reference I am 5'2, 110#s and 34C), so I bought the 4 in the dress and it was fine. I will prob ending up keeping it because although it's not the most practical dress, it is cute, material is nice and forgiving (sucks things in), but I would never wear this dress to a buffet. LOL!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I bought both the black and gingham in my usual size 6 (I waffle between sizes 4 and 6, size 2 in studio and street-to-studio pants. I'm 5'4" 117 pounds, 25-27 jeans). I found gingham to show every panty line, lump and bulge, such as the pubic area. Not cute. And it wasn't crazy tight on me, but still showed unattractive lumpiness due to fabric shading. The black was much more forgiving and thicker fabric. If you see on the website model with the sweater around her waist, the dress looks a bit loose around her middle — I actually think that is a more attractive look rather than skin tight, which is hard to pull off for any one. And unlike loose pants, this dress won't fall down… Also, I had no trouble getting it on/off because I pulled it down off my shoulders to the floor (similar to how I put on sports bras) — When the neckline allows for it, I often put on and take off bras, tops, strappy dresses this way. But you have to be very careful to make sure you don't overstretch…

  10. janine57 says:

    Website price is 108 sometimes lulu sux! I won't get graphic but I saw pics where the dress shows every lump and pretty yuck IMO ! Way too tight or something!

  11. Jruby18 says:

    Here's my fit report. I got it in the black & am on the fence as I really like it, but wonder how often I'll wear it. Although, I think when I do wear it, I'd get a lot of compliments and I think it could be styled a million different ways. I don't work, so that's not an issue for me, but it *might* work in some settings if you wear a longer loose blazer or sweater as the length is nice. Back to sizing. I pretty much waffle between 6 & 8 in most Lulu styles – top and bottom. I'm 5'3" and about 130-137 depending on the week, lol! I first tried the 8 thinking I'd need to go up b/c it's such a fitted style. It was definitely too big. Especially in the chest/strap area and around the underarms. And there was too much bunching around the middle area too. The 6 fit perfect. Now, I was wearing regular undies and you could see every lump. However, I'd previously tried on the Gingham version in a 4 when I had on a pair of Sculpt shorts and it was totally smooth. I haven't tried the black on w/the Sculpts yet, but I'm optimistic that it will completely smooth things out. I'll report back. Will it be super comfortable to wear two layers like that on a hot summer day? Nope. But I'm mostly seeing this as a fun go out in the evening type of dress and I do think it could easily work through most seasons if you add tights.

    • Jruby18 says:

      Oops, forgot to mention that I think I was able to adjust the back enough to cover my bra. I'm not big chested though. Hope that helps!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Picnic Play dress is ticketed in store at $118!!!

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