Ever keep your tags on Lulu items so that you can save them for those really bad days/weeks where you need the extra motivation of a new treat to get you out of bed for a workout? I’ve had a few sessions of ‘pop the tag’ over the past three weeks just to keep up with some semblance of routine. I never intended to keep the tags on my Seawheeze items but for some reason I’ve been afraid to ‘deflower’ them.  At first I wasn’t sure I liked the lettering on this CRB but actually, I think this is my favourite. It is sharp and full of energy and I needed that today. As an extra bonus, my 75 burpees left a sweat mark on the mats that stamped out Seawheeze with the silk screened letters providing a negative. I’ve had a really horribly cold this week so I missed out on Monday and Wednesday because I had completely lost my voice. Today it was still quite gravely but at least I didn’t feel achy and exhausted and I was able to do much more than I’d set out to do. Another thing is that because of the ‘life stress’ over the past three weeks I’ve been eating very terribly. We’ve been relying a lot on takeout food and a lot of simple carbs to get us through (and treats!) and today I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of that. Its not that I’ve gained weight but I feel very fluffy around the middle, very tired and I think I have dipped into anemia. 

The wod was a mile and a half run, 150 burpees and another mile and a half run. Since it was dark at 6am, and very cold out and I have this cough I opted to row instead (1600m, 1600m) and I did 75 Burpees. 

PS. my husband found it hysterical that I was wearing a Seawheeze CRB and opted to row instead of run. 

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