It’s up! I was going to use a sneaky way to log on but I got to see screen caps of the offerings and it wasn’t really worth it to me to go to the trouble. Although this years offerings are much better than what was offered to Canadians back in January since Canada got all of last years quality control rejects.  Did you order anything off the Lululemon warehouse sale

US Lululemon Warehouse Sale link

A few of the goodies. 

Canada got a few goodies on WMTM though..

The Movement Jacket is a great score if you can get it on markdown. I love the one I got back in June. I think the only thing that would have tempted me tonight is the 5 Year Yogini SS Tee. I got a couple on markdown when I was in Vegas and fell in love with the cut of that tee so if I see them marked down I wanna snatch them up. 

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