Yay! I went to the US today primarily to look for soccer stuff for my daughter and also to pick up my upload Monday items from the US upload. Since we were already going to the US today I opted to order two items from the US side that I was coveting and that Canada has not gotten yet. The Inkwell 105F singlet is super pretty and very neutral. I love a good neutral that doesn’t give me the head to toe black luon ninja look. The Bumble Berry Cool Racerback is very pretty and soft and opaque, although on the thin side. My only complaint on it is that it doesn’t have the reversible variegated stitching on the inside that make CRB’s seem just a little more fancy. Other than that I really like it. 

105F Singlet, sized down to an 8

Cool Racerback in my TTS 10

I’m still considering the Plush Petal Scuba so I tried it on with the Bumble Berry CRB and it looks super pretty paired together. Still thinking on it though as I am not a scuba person. 

The inside hood script print. I’m pretty sure this is the manifesto written out over and over again. I hate the manifesto so I’m glad its not obvious and you really have to try hard to read what is written. The hood lining is my favourite part though. 


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