So a strange thing happened today. I’m not normally a Scuba Hoodie fan because I find them way too hot and since it rains most of the winter here it doesn’t make much sense as outerwear. I went to return my Om & Roam Untight Tights and I spotted this scuba and became kind of infatuated with it. I’m not sure why. Up close the plush petal print is nothing remarkable but something about the hood lining script print in combination with the plush petal drew me in. This isn’t a terribly flattering picture but I swear, in store it seemed like a really flattering print. I’ll need to take a sober second look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes. Also, I figured I may get more use out of scubas this years since I’m a now officially a ‘soccer mom’ that will be standing out in the elements twice a week. 

Bumble Berry 105F Singlet

Bumble Berry Cool Racerback, lots of Herringbone Wunder Under pictures. 

 The three new Cool Racerbacks

Inky Floral Ghost Vinyasa, Bumble Berry Cool Racerback

Bhakti Yogi Jacket

The newest Wunder Unders. You can see the sheen on the Flat Inky Floral Roll Down Wunder Unders

Bhakti Yogi Jacket

Flat Inky Floral Roll Down Wunder Unders


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