Oy vey. Today was a chipper workout and I was certain I wouldn’t finish it by the time caps thanks to going heavier on my weights, but somehow I did. I had to modify a few things such as the double unders (stupid double unders) and ring rows instead of pull ups because I use bands for pull ups and the gym was packed today so I prefer to leave the bars to the folks that don’t use bands. I find ring rows and banded pull ups equally challenging anyways, especially if you alter your position under the rings. Everything else I did RX’d weight which was nice and rewarding. Rewarding with a pulsing migraine headache and a feeling of wanting to puke after. I’m recovering right now with a starbucks latte and tears of relief that it’s over.

100 Double Unders (or 200 Singles)

45 Wall Balls (at 14#)

45 Kettle bell swings (at 35#)

100 Double Unders (switched to 400 meter run, sore right calf)

30 Snatches (rx’d at 65#)

30 Pull ups (modified to ring rows)

100 Double Unders (400 meter run)

15 Thrusters (65#) 

15 Clapping Pushups

Today’s outfit included the Inkwell 105F Singlet. I ripped the tags off this morning and it’s my new favourite. 

This outfit was from Friday but I forgot to write a post about my workout then. Its the Heathered Coal Cool Racerback. I’m wearing my Inner Heart Bra underneath and I had a miserable time with it pinching my traps so this is the day I decided I needed to break up with it. If you want it (size 10, Bruised Berry) I have it listed for sale. 


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