by Cristina

Crossfit WOD

September 28, 2014

I had the worst week getting back into the groove of a new fall schedule after arriving from Las Vegas last weekend. When I left I still had my unstructured summer holiday schedule of waking up late and going to bed late and no school for the kids or strict routine so my workouts where pretty easy to fit in. We arrived Sunday night and Monday morning was back to school, soccer practice, family stuff that came up and adapting to not sleeping in/going to bed late so I’ve been skipping out on workouts a lot. 

Las Vegas was a lot of fun and my very first vacation away from the kids so as you can imagine, I took full advantage of my time away. I had planned on visiting a crossfit box there and we even rented a car in order to do that but between all the other ‘stuff’ that we did, I didn’t make it to the gym. It was ok though because we were in a hotel that had about 6 miles of walking before you could find your room or the lobby (found the short cuts on the last day) and if you got detoured or disoriented (we did each time) you added an extra 4 miles to your trek. That, on top of walking the stripe. The slot machines provided good ‘rest areas’ though and $26 margaritas to hydrate with. My feet have never been so beat up and sore and blistered, not even after half marathons. Another thing we did was visit Hoover Damn which was great. That provided a good workout as well since we sprinted all the stairs we could find. I’m surprised I didn’t come back with big weight gain. I finally weighed myself today after last weekends food debauchery and I’m at the same weight as when I left. My stomach is quite bloated though so I definitely need to do some damage control. 

Today’s crossfit workout: 

12 minute EMON: lateral lunges 4 reps (35lb KB), odd minute: 5 HSPU (progression was dumbell push press). 

The WOD (I did it in 17:19 and RX’d at 65lbs)

400 M Run

40 Dead Lifts

40 DU’s

30 Back Squat 

30 Toes To Bars

20 Power Cleans

20 Push Ups

10 Thrusters

10 Burpee Box Jump

Wore my new Bumble Berry Cool Racerback, Inkwell Sashiko Energy Bra and Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. Wore my Awesoma Henley as well. It was cold on my way there but then the temp rose up to 24*c and I was sweltering with the warmup (a run, and tabata). 

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