Reader Review: Rocky Road Gusto Blue Roll Down Wunder Under Pant

A wonderful blog reader has submitted for us a few pictures and a review of the Rocky Road Gusto Blue Roll Down Wunder Under Pants. Huge thanks to Ms. C for sharing with the community her observations on these pants.

I just tried on the rocky road gusto blue bumble berry full on luxtreme roll down wunder unders. The store had not put them out yet but I was inquiring about inkwell/black pique roll downs and the lovely educator checked the boxes in the back and returned with these. I’m a bit too old for this print but I figured there’s no harm in trying them on. My normal size 4 in the first two pictures felt like I was stuffing myself into a sausage skin and the foot holes were so tiny! I’m only a size 6 shoe so it was not due to large feet, a woman with a size 10 wouldn’t be able to get her foot into these. The full on luxtreme is thin and cheap feeling, not at all like the luxtreme of the what the sport short. I also tried on a size 6 and there was less of a stuffed sausage feeling but it was still there, the foot holes were just as small and the material just as thin and cheap feeling. The educator was in love with them until I pointed out the small foot openings and thin fabric and then even she didn’t like them anymore. I’m very disappointed in this “full on” luxtreme and the sliding quality of products lately

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