Two stars on tonights upload (in my humble opinion). The Herringbone Vinyasa on the Canadian side which I am having major internal struggle over (I want it, but I know I wont wear it, but I know it will be sold out soon, but herringbone. Rue-lue herringbone!). I will wait and hope for for High Rise Herringbone Wunder Unders (please make these come true!!). And, the Miss Misty Pullover was the second star of the upload. I picked up the Miss Misty yesterday and love it so I’m definitely keeping it, and I’ve picked up the newest CRB’s over the past week so I’m really not bothered by not seeing anything new uploaded tonight that I cannot resist. The US got a Bumble Berry Power Y so that makes me hope that we will also be seeing a CRB. 

Did you order anything tonight? Oh, before I forget, I still had trouble accessing the upload tonight but not as bad as many other times. I accessed it on the French Canadian site and it did not crash on me but it was slow. I was later able to access the upload via the ‘what’s new, Men’s’ tab. 


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