Miss Misty Pullover Sizing

August 12, 2014

Yesterday I did a fit review of the Miss Misty Pullover but I’m still getting a lot o questions via email on wether or not you should size up in it. I think you could size up in it and it still look cute, but the arms are long on me and go over my hands and sizing up would have made the arms extremely long (not to mention it may not come in a 12) . It’s a slim fit, and not stretchy so yes, if you have a bigger bust than me (36C) it may be necessary to size up, but I do have pretty big lats from crossfit and my only real fit issue with this pullover is that it just fits over my hips. I tried it on again today over my Tuck And Flow LS and I am still happy with the fit. Trust me, my lats are wide enough from crossfit and noticeably big that my brother in law points it out to me every chance he gets. It is not always a point of pride for me. YMMV on this one so if you are at all hesitant on sizing and you do not have access to trying it on in store, just order two sizes and choose from there. I think most people will be fine staying TTS though, and some people just prefer items to not have a ‘slim fit’.  

 This is how it looks worn higher on the waist and cinched up. If you have fit issues over the hips, this is another way to wear it. 

 One of the pockets has a two way zipper, and that is the pocket you use to fold the jacket into. 


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