Sorry if a lot of these pictures are repeated from earlier posts. After so many posts in one day it is hard to keep track of what was already used. Plus, I’ve been feeling under the weather and having a Robin Williams marathon day. #deadpoetssociety #theworldaccordingtogarp #popeye #thebirdcage #goodmorningvietnam. Anyone else watch a movie or two since yesterday? 

Purple Fog

I just noticed this new color I showed you yesterday in the Dance Studio Jacket is online already in the matt. The color on the mat looks very close to what it looks like in the swiftly material. 

Pleat To Street Skirt

Kinda love this skirt even though I have zero need for an athletic skirt.

 Miss Misty Pullover

Bumble Berry Speed Shorts

Rugged Blue Speeds

Inky Floral Ghost Speeds

Wrappers Delight Tank

Heathered Black Stride Jacket, Gym To Win Duffel

West2East Bordeaux Cool Racerback paired with matching In The Flow Crops

Post Practice Cardigan


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