I was considering returning the Frond CRB based on the texture, but this picture makes me want to keep it and wear it exactly like this ambassador is wearing it. I love it paired with Raspberry Glow. 

 The Inkwell Studio Crops and Bleached Coral. Kinda loving both but if I were to get them they’d hide out in my closet till summer since they are not something I work out in. 

Dune Still Pants. They look so great on curvy figures!

This is a nice outfit. I’ve always really loved Dune as a neutral. Pairs beautifully with so many colors. 

Pop Orange paired with Inkwell looks really nice!

Inkwell Gingham CRB

 Pop Orange and Mint Moment look great together as well. I had no idea!

 I didn’t realize that Gros Gingham Print had so much reflectivity built into it. As soon as I’m done my Whole 30 journey (2-3 more rounds?), my goal is to get a cute pair of Groovy Run Shorts. 


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