Well, I’m a touch disappointed that we didn’t see the Frond Free To Be Tank which we caught a glimpse of in my earlier post today. I ordered the Frond CRB but I’m pretty sure I’m going to prefer the Free To Be since it’s solid and very saturated. Although in some pictures the CRB looks really pretty, I just worry about the texture of it. I suspect we aren’t going to be seeing a solid Frond CRB since this one is listed as ‘Frond’ and not ‘Frond Gingham’. Interesting to see Pop Orange out again and used interchangeably with Bleached Coral. What did you guys order tonight? Did you find a lot tempting in this new palette? I know a lot of you will be super pissed there where no Still Pants uploaded. 

 Pop Orange Forme Jacket

Practice Freely Tank comes in Mellow Yellow/Burning Yellow and Pop Orange/Bleached Coral

 Bleached Coral

I saw this earlier today and they are really pretty. I was mildly tempted but I need to see a lot of outfit pictures to see how it would integrate into my closet. I doubt it will though.  

This is pretty too but I don’t love the length. 

Solid Frond


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