I stopped in store today in hopes of seeing a Frond Green Free To Be Tank, but no such luck. I did see the Gingham Frond Cool Racerback and I’m 50/50 on wether I’m keeping it. I wasn’t crazy about it mainly due to the knit texture. I saw this Mellow Yellow power Y in today and it looked very similar to Chirp. Quite soft and muted. 

Bleached Coral Studio Crops. I love how saturated the solid Frond Matt looks. I wish there were more solid Frond items out. 

I LOVE these pictures of the Pop Orange Forme Jacket set in overcast Vanouver. Such a pop of color in front of that grey sky. 

The Frond Cool Racerback. Its really cute, I just don’t love the knit material. And I’m unsure about the pattern actually. We’ll see. I’m in the habit of collecting CRB’s since I wear them so often. 

Bleached Coral Cool Racerback with Dune Still Pants. I like Dune with just about every color. 

 Bleached Coral looks great with Inkwell too.

The Forme Jackets. Too bad these colors didn’t come out in the Define Jacket. 

 Inkwell Gingham CRB

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