I haven’t done today’s run yet so haven’t included that outfit, I’ll post it next week. This week has been pretty heavy on crossfit and light on running for some reason. I’ve just really been enjoying my classes and not much in the mood for running so I’ve focused on that. 

I’ve also started the Tosca Reno Eat Clean Diet because I feel like my metabolism is the problem more than what I’m eating. I’m not a breakfast eater and truthfully I can easily go till 2pm without feeling hungry at all although I do force myself to get a little  something in besides coffee. And despite reducing calories and working out a lot I haven’t lost much weight at all.  This diet is forcing me to actually eat frequent small meals that are a combination of protein and carbs and I’m hoping it will boost my metabolism. I’m pleased that after two weeks of eating what feels like a ton of food I haven’t gained weight. I was so afraid with this diet that I’d just pack on the pounds but it’s really not so. I feel pretty full most of the time and when the 2.5 hour mark comes along, like clockwork I start to feel hungry for my next mini meal which is odd considering I used to go hours and hours before actually feeling hungry. I’ve lost one pound and that does disappoint me that it’s not more but I’ve also been seeing gains in crossfit so I think I have trimmed down and built some muscles. I also think my spare tire has reduced a bit. My clean and jerks went up to 73lbs from around 53lbs so thats pretty cool. Also, we did a ton of 10lb wall balls on Thursday (around 70 I think?) and it didn’t feel as horrible as it would have in the past. I was able to get thru that workout pretty smoothly so I think my energy is up. Well see. Were going on vacation in the very near future and I’m a bit worried about maintaining this diet while away. I’ll pack some oatmeal and protein to take with me for breakfast and some nuts and dried fruit to snack on but its going to be hard to eat every 3 hours. I will however eat as clean as humanly possible while on vacation. Oh, the things I haven’t been doing very well at on this diet is the 2-3 litres of water requirement, I think I’m getting in about 1.5 litres and also I still use stevia in my coffee. I really want to remove all artificial sweeteners but I’m not quite there yet. I don’t eat a lot of sugar but I do like my artificial sweeteners. Maybe thats what would make the pounds melt off. I think I’m just annoyed at reading all these testimonials of people seeing their weight just melt off week after week while I only lost 1lb which may or may not be a legitimately lost pound. Are any of you doing this diet and seeing the pounds come down slowly, very slowly? I’d rather read about slow and steady success, I think that will encourage me more to stick with this. 

Outfits are in no particular order:

Crossfit: Heathered Menthol CRB (LOVE!) and Deep Indigo Ebb & Flow Crops
Crossfit: Concord No Limit Tank, Black Ebb & Flow Crops
Run: CRB Heathered Pigeon Pearl Luxtreme, Run: Chase Me Crops Deep Indigo
Wee Are From Space
Crossfit: CRB Jacquard Mesh Rose Quartz, Black Ebb & Flow Crops
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