I’ve been a huge fan of Lainey Gossip (Elaine Lui) since her blog started which I think was back in 2004. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she is a gossip blogger from Vancouver. Although I consider her more high brow gossip blogger and probably more of a hollywood armchair sociologist rather than a down and dirty gossip blogger. Anyways, she’s currently also a corespondent for Etalk Canada and so she’s a full time career blogger at this point and quite well known locally and abroad and her opinion is well respected. A couple of days ago she wrote a post in her lifestyles section mentioning (without saying names) her disappointment in the quality of Lululemon clothing as of late. We all know she was talking about Lululemon. She has talked about her love of lululemon in the past and as a typical Vancouverite she is often pictured wearing lululemon clothing. She wears pretty high end fashion most of the time but this girl is not above wearing her yoga pants. She’s definitely not part of  the Anti Yoga Pant Revolution.

And my point is, I can write about the quality issues all day long until I’m blue in the face, but Lululemon,  when Lainey Gossip is writing about what everyone else is saying about your brand you better take note. 

Lainey Gossip mentions Lululemon Quality Issues:

“Without naming names, I’ve been having a quality problem with a certain brand of active-wear. The clothes are stylish but they fall apart. They never used to, but they do now. At that price, the falling apart is not acceptable. Especially not after such a short time.  So I broke up with them.” Read rest here 

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