The Zippy Run Tank was uploaded two uploads ago but has not arrived in North American stores yet so we haven’t seen any pictures of this tank until now. Australian stores have just received this tank which is why we are now getting some real educator pictures. The reviews on this tank are really poor and I suspect that is why they haven’t been sent to stores. Most of the complaints concern the really large arm holes with a very narrow front which shows side boob, and since it’s a shelf bra you’d have to double up bras in order to keep covered up and keep your boobs from falling out of the sides. There are also no slots for cups in this which is insane, especially on a luxtreme light colored tank.  (there are slots in accessed from the bottom and not the sides) I’m really just scratching my head at this design and wondering how it made it all the way to production without having someone try it on first to tweak a design that had such potential. It seems like they uploaded an unfinished prototype tank. Check out the reviews for more pictures of this tank on customers that have purchased it. 

Zippy Run Tank

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