Detail Pictures of The Off The Mat Jacket

Sharon is so sweet to have provided some great detail pictures of her new Off The Mat Jacket which I am coveting something bad. I hate the price tag on it but to be honest, stores like Mountain Equipment Co-Op is full of high end sherpa fleece jackets in this range and hopefully this Lululemon version will hold up to the brands like North Face. I will make room in my budget this month for this jacket and sacrifice any Gratitude Wraps that may come out, the Cuddle Up jacket on my wish list and other items I’ve been stalking. The total of what I will sacrifice from my wish list is probably going to end up being a bit more then the price of this jacket but that will make me feel better about spending that amount all on one thing. I probably would be spending more this month total if this was priced in the $130 range and not $178. Dear Lulu, at this price I expect top quality and nothing less, the seams better be finished with fine detail and the fleece WILL hold up to regular wash wear…OR ELSE!

Off The Mat Jacket

 Double zipper closure with snaps at the collar to customize how you wear it. 

 Colar worn open

 Side view of zippered pockets, double cuffed hem

 Profile view of neckline

 I like that Sharon’s TTS also leaves room in the arms for a long sleeve underneath. 

 Detail of the cuff

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