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Store Report & Fit Review: Ahead Of The Curve Jacket, Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS, Lavender Grey CRB Comparison

September 20, 2011

Today I got to try on the newest Ahead Of The Curve Jacket in both size 8 and 10 in the Rocksteady/Royalty Shale Stripe and Coal Shale Stripe. I’m really glad I have the Hustle Jacket already because other wise I would have been seriously tempted by this jacket. The fit is quite similar to the Hustle Jacket of last year with a generous, relaxed fit. I wouldn’t call this a size down jacket but if your between two sizes you could go with either your lower size or your upper size. I liked the fit of this in the size 8 on me (same as my Hustle) but I don’t tend to layer anything super bulky under neath and I don’t have wide shoulders. I can wear running luon, Swiftly Tech LS, Cabin LS and Chai Pullover underneath the 8 in this and in fact I tried this on with my Full Tilt LS underneath. The back pleats where what initially bugged me about this jacket but it’s not really poofy since it’s just one layer of fabric. Yes I would prefer a more slightly streamlined look at the back but thats not usually what lululemon does. 

Ahead Of The Class Jacket

Coal Shale Stripe/Size 10

 Royalty Rocksteady Shale Stripe/Size 8

 My temptation today was this Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS. I may want this come Thursday Upload. Worn here with the Astro Wunder Unders…see? No muffin top!

 Comparison of newest Heathered Lavender Grey CRB (bottom/Left) and Pear Luxtreme Pigeon CRB. 

The Heathered Lavender Grey is not as soft as other colors of heathered luon have been in the past and it has a more purple undertone. Also, you don’t have that pearlized look that the Pigeon CRB has. This was an easy pass for me since I have the Pigeon CRB on the right and they are too close in tone and color to justify both. If you passed on the Pigeon because you hated pearl luxtreme you may want to get this one.

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