Upload Thursday Eve Refresher

What a small and boring product dump this week, eh? I really hope something excited gets uploaded tomorrow like a Full Tilt LS in Raspberry or a Raspberry CRB or something. I did use up all of my paypal this week getting a Peace Of Mind Vest off ebay (yippee!!!) after trying on the Get Down Vest a 3rd time and being disappointed in it yet again. The fit and design of the GDV just doesn’t work for me so I’m really glad I was able to score the POM vest in a color that I liked. Hmmm, come to think of it, I would like some long sleeve tees uploaded tomorrow. Maybe that Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS or a new Cabin LS. What are you guys hoping for tomorrow??

Get Down Vest Ghost/Magnum

Cool Racerback Tank Heathered Lavender Grey  (Comparison To Heathered Pigeon Here)

Ahead Of The Curve Jacket (Reviewed Here)

Royalty Rocksteady Shale Stripe, Coal Shale Stripe

Run Full Tilt Tight

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