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Monday Product Drop: Ahead Of The Curve Jacket, Get Down Vest, Clear Sky Swiftly and More

September 19, 2011

Super bummed about todays product drop! First of all, a few stores haven’t gotten a product drop today due to having to do store inventory. My store was one of them and sadly I made the voyage out there prior to going to parent participation preschool (StrongStart BC) and my trip was fruitless. Ah well, at least I got to go armed to preschool with a Starbucks this time. Secondly, nothing from todays product drop from other stores is really grabbing me. I’m sort of interested in the newest Get Down Vest in Ghost/Magnum and am considering selling my Ivory Huff N Puff Vest. I’m not sure though, I really have to try this one on again but I think the quilt design in this one is a but too busy for my figure. I do love it in Ghost though. 

This Clear Sky Swiftly Tech is so pretty, I wish it came in a V-neck. I’d love either a Clear Sky V-Neck or Rocksteady. Somehow I’m using my Raspberry V Neck Swiftly a lot casually even though I never liked wearing my crewneck lolo swiftly casualy.

 Heathered Lavender Grey Cool Racerback Tank. I really like this color but I have a Heathered Pigeon one so I wont be getting this one. I’m anxiously awaiting a CRB in Raspberry which was why I made sure to squeeze a trip in to the store today. 

I also wanted to try this Ahead Of The Curve Jacket today. I have two Hustle Jackets which I love dearly so I wont be truly tempted by this one. I really poo-pooed the pleated back on this jacket but thinking back, a lot of people poo-pooed the Hustle Jacket last year for the ruffled back and bubbled hem and later changed their minds so this is definitely worth a shot. It’s worth noting that this is a too/from jacket and not a specifically made for running jacket. It lacks the details that the run jackets have such as reflectivity so if you want to use it for running make sure to check it out thoroughly and make sure it will suit your needs. 

 The very important rear view

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