Last Thursday I ordered the Run: For Your Life Tank to wear to CrossFit when I start in September since I’m sort of wanting something looser fitting then a CRB Tank yet cool and airy (and modest as some of you suggested is most appropriate). I’m a bit on the fence with this tank as far as fit goes but I’m so in love with the color that I’m leaning towards keeping it. The problem I have with the fit is that the upper portion is loose fitting and creates a pleat of fabric at the neckline. The straps feel slightly long and too far apart on my shoulders but not so much that it’s slipping off. I think the bra is supportive enough for CrossFit but not supportive enough to do a run longer then 3 miles so this will probably be just a CrossFit Tank. I like the looseness and the length of the torso though and I love the open back. I think I need to try on the size 8 to see if I get more support in the bra and to see if it eliminates the fold of fabric at the neckline and my issues with the straps but I don’t want to sacrifice the looseness around my middle.  

What do you guys think? Keep the tank in size 8 or 10 or send it back for something else in Heathered Raspberry?

Run: For Your Life Tank Heathered Raspberry; Size 10

  1. If you aren't completely sold on it return it! I love the color too but am waiting for the perfect item in it to come along. Lulu is expensive and I have a habit of buying something then never wearing it. In the long run I loose out on money trying to sell it on eBay or the exchange.

  2. It's a very flattering tank – it looks great on you! And I love love love the colour. If you're near a store why don't you try on the size down to see if it fits any better? It's an expensive tank to buy if you aren't going to wear it often. I made that mistake with the No Limit tank- I should have sized down but I loved it and didn't want to part with it to exchange it (I'm not near a store so it's a tedious process to exchange!) but now I have a tank I don't wear often because I find the bra part isn't supportive enough. Just my 2 cents!! I think it looks fantastic though!

  3. You look beautiful but the top looks a little loose. Try the 8 to see if it is more supportive. The color does looks really pretty with your skin. If the 8 doesn't work out, wait for something else in that color.

  4. I'd return it. You already don't like the fit, and I tried wearing it for cross fit and it rode up. I had more success with it when I used it to run.

  5. I think you look great, and the colour is gorgeous, but I agree with Anon. 2:14, if you don't love it, don't keep it. As Anon. 3:11 wrote, try the 8 and see it the fit is better, and if not, wait for one that works better for your activities.

  6. Hello,

    Yes, the color is definitely beautiful on you ! As for the fit and cut look just fine to me. But since Lulu is expensive, I would only keep it if you're going to wear it.

  7. I love mine and i bought it in my bra size, so if you usually wear an 8 bra, I'd try that. If you aren't happy with it, I wouldn't keep it, though the color is lovely. I did a 5k in mine this weekend and would definitely wear it for long runs, so yeah, I'd try the 8 if I were you. I'll bet it fits better in the bra.

  8. hi. i think it looks great on you. I could barely see the crease you are talking about. I think it fits down at the bottom very nicely (hugs your hips and curves). I would be afraid that the top might fit better but the bottom of the top would be tighter. I like my things a bit looser. just my 2 cents. Keep it…I am not sure how many other things will come out in raspberry….just a bit here and there I was told at the Lululemon store tonight. 🙂 PS. the Full Tilt skirt was amazing. got it in white and the coal shale…SO DARN CUTE!!!

  9. I love love love the color. You definitely need to get something else in that color, it looks amazing on you.

    Other than the color… I don't think it is a flattering or functional top. It does not represent quality fitness wear to me. Honest opinion! Go with your instinct, it sounds like you don't love it, and it won't be something you will reach for often.

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