Product Drop Monday – Canada

I managed to get a quick visit into the store today but I suspect not everything was unpacked since I didn’t see these Movement Legwarmers that I would have been all over (to wear with my new Fall boots :)). I also saw a new Method Wrap in Ghost with the Nesting Bird Print on the inside and a Coal CRB with black Nesting Bird Print. A Ghost Vinyasa Scarf, the Pritti Tank and Crops. I was impressed with the Pritti Tank because the entire lower portion was circle mesh but it’s not something I’m in need of at the moment, the crops are a possibility for CrossFit (will post about that soon). I was hoping to see a Heathered Raspberry CRB (no Rocksteady in my store yet) and some Running Luon pullovers or Long Sleeves but no such luck. Oh well, I think that means this was a smallish product drop and next week, the first of the month will be a huge product drop with all of the new colors. I’ve been told there will be a Lolo/Concord like purple coming but I’m mostly excited about Heathered Raspberry. 

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