Yesterday I posted a Fit Review of the Run For Your Life Tank in the size 10 and mentioned that although I liked the roominess around the tummy I felt the bra portion and the straps were a bit too big. I ended up dashing to the store last night to try on the size 8 (and also fell in love with the Magnum Turbo Tank while I was there) and decided that the 8 felt the most comfortable in the bust and shoulders despite the fact that I lost some of that roominess around the torso that I liked. While I’d love to be able to disguise my muffin top while I’m working out to eliminate it I think it’s more important that the bra portion and the straps fit comfortably and correctly so I’m going to keep this one and hope that with a few months of CrossFit I will whittle down my midsection. With the fit of the size 8 I can easily use this tank for both running and CrossFit which I like. This will be my first tank with built in bra that I’ve liked as a running tank. 

Size 10
Size 8
Size 8 Profile

This one that I got yesterday has a very visible seam in the straps on the left side that is not so bulgy on the right. I think I want to find one that has more equal straps. I wouldn’t normally be nit picky but for a $74 tank I’d like the seams to be a bit more finished. 

  1. Size 8, of course! Not too noticeable in the "snug" department. Also, you will be using it to work out in, hence losing more "mid-section" snugness, as the end result; and that equates a better fit! A win-win situation! 🙂

  2. I knew getting the right bra size would make the difference. I think it looks good, you can't tell it's not as loose in the torso as the other one. I seriously loved mine for the race we did last weekend, so much that I very seriously considered getting another, though I definitely don't need it. I'm going to wear mine for my 20 miler this weekend, you want me to report back on how it performs for a longer distance?

  3. I ordered the same top! I think though, since lulu is not cheap, that if you don't 100% love it before asking people, then you should return it. You do look great in it, but you don't seem like you love it! I am returning mine because I have been desparate for something in raspberry, but I know that there will be something next week or next month that I loveeee instead of keeping this that I just like.

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