**Update** a community member has shared that her store manager told her that the warehouse sale was a hoax discussed by upper management on a conference call. Apparently they decided to ‘put it out there’ and the news of a warehouse sale spread like wildfire. I’m not sure if this is valid information or not so as of right now, the warehouse sale for 2017 is still unconfirmed. 

Word on the street is that there will be a Lululemon Warehouse Sale on January 12, 2017. This should be an online sale for both US and Canada. I had a reader mention in the comments a theory that the boxing day sale was so light because Lululemon was strategizing having a warehouse sale AFTER the holiday return period on January 8th, and before the next earnings report, maximizing full price sales for as long as possible before those items are out of season. 


  1. Thank you for the update on the rumour and keeping us informed! I do hope it is an online sale.

    All I want in the sale is the original CRB on the Canadian side, in colours I don't have. I'd be happy to have more luon light ones and I'd purchase luxtreme ones, too. I'd be happy if I could get another vinyasa scarf or two and maybe a new bag.

    Thanks for all your hard work, LLM and Happy New Year!

    1. That is hilarious anon 5:50! As Inwas thinking the same thing about the CRB's…..I don't wear the CRB II as it looks terrible on me and I have been a bit bitter ( trying not to be though) that the U.S got all those lovely CRBs. I would have bought at least 5 possibility more as they are a daily staple of mine…

  2. There's nothing right now that I have to have and I bought 5 CRB. I don't mind II, I just thought $29 was a good price. I got Pink shell, jet set, BD, fatigue and aquamarine. Bummed that I missed out on Bon Bon and Lush coral (II)

  3. Well, normally I'd be quite excited about this. But the markdown prices they've had lately have been terrible so I'm not holding onto much hope for an awesome warehouse sale.

  4. There's a new print coming out in stores tomorrow for New Years. My store had the items out late tonight. It's a pretty print – it'll come in speed tights, pace rivals, wunder indeed, speed shorts, and an energy bra. LLM – I couldn't find an email address to send you a pic of the print – but if you are willing to share one, I'll send over the pic I took

  5. I can only imagine there will be thousands of lulu lovers just chomping at the bit to finally spend some money on hopefully some beauties posted online for the sale. I wonder what the Ebates % will be during that time? I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop back down to 2% for this sale but if they keep it around 8% it would definitely entice me to buy more. I am really hoping to see some older product in jackets, vests, pullovers and older rulu tops, Street To Studio Pants and dare I say DSPll not lll's, lined and unlined. I would also love to see some product in different colours that didn't make it to Canada like the Goal Crusher Jacket in Grevvy and Emperor Blue and more colours in the Swiftly s/s and l/ and some original CRB's for Canada.

    Thanks for the intel LLM, something to look forward to.

    1. @Anon 9:31, this one is supposed to be online. If you are not signed up for LLL regular, mass email, you may want to do so. Previously the link to the sale has been in an email first and not immediately online via their site.

      Also, they hold physical warehouse sales in different cities in different countries.

    1. I am! Thanks for watching for it. I have a rough outline and true to tradition I will hammer it out tonight while sipping champagne. Hope to have it posted tomorrow morning.

  6. Happy New Year to everyone too! I am looking forward LLM to your 2016 Best & Worst Awards, although 2016 is a year I won't remember with fond memories for LLL. Cheers!

  7. Could the items for this warehouse sale be the ones UK got on wmtm for boxing day? They got SO many items. I don't know if any have sold out yet but I remember when it first uploaded I saw that some were items that had been recently released (like the oxygen bra – not that I would want it though!) and a lot were items still at full price in the US even after boxing day passed. Any thoughts?

  8. Seeing that they dropped the Ebates percentage from 8 to 4% makes me think that the upcoming warehouse sale rumor is true and they are getting us ready to spend in advance. It would be too obvious if they lowered it right before the sale. Really hoping for some of the older pieces to make their presence again!

    1. It's rumored as an online sale therefore it would be online.

      When they have a physical warehouse sale it's pretty well advertised ahead of time and usually they move it around. Usually don't go back to the same city twice.

    1. GREAT NEWS! There will be a warehouse sale in NYC at the Soho store (481 Broadway) on January 27, 28. and 29 (this Friday-Sunday) starting at 10am. I was at a yoga studio and overheard two reps come in to tell the people working at the front desk about it.

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