Shibori Wunder Under Pants

I mentioned in my fit review that I got special washing instructions for these pants but others that have purchased these pants today have not recieved the same instructions so that may have just been an individual suggestion and not a company directive. I think I’m going to keep mine and see how they do in the wash. They are really lovely and pretty much perfect (if they don’t have any colorfast issues). 

Ombre Wunder Under Pants

I am so interested in these black ones but I’m worried that the fade in the print will be lost on me since I am short. Worth a try at least to see.

  1. I'd love the ombré in a HT as I'm only 5'6 with short legs. Although I have the houndstooth dip-dye WUP from a few years back and even tucked under, the ombré effect is very visible…

    1. Yes it's the same .. i wear size 8 in both and to be honest, I feel that luxtreme stretches more. So definetly don't size up!

  2. FWIW, I was at a St. Louis Lulu today and received the same instructions re:washing. They said it is also true of the ombré leggings. It was enough to scare me off until there is some feedback.

  3. I purchased the black ombre this morning in my local store. I went looking for a black pair of leggings, so I liked that it was something different and subtle. I am normally a size 4, sometimes 6. I tried both on and the 4 was definitely the right size for me. I felt like I would be pulling the 6 up all the time. I am also only 5'0 tall. I was worried about hemming the ombre off, but even rolled under I still loved them and didn't lose the effect. Hope that answers sone questions!

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