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October 28, 2016

You lose some you win some! Yesterday I was very cranky about the Rush Hour Jacket being marked down extremely fast and not being able to get mine price adjusted, and today I scored a Sattva Sweater on sale! I really liked this sweater when I first tried it on but I really disliked the price tag of $158 so it was always on the back of my mind when combing through sales racks. It was one of the items I looked for at my local stores shopping event but they sold thru immediately so I just assumed they where gone everywhere. Today I went to a store I don’t normally go to and they had all the colors of the Sattva Sweater marked down in most sizes! If you are in Canada, you can call the Oakridge store to order one, or you can check your stores to see if they have it marked down too. 

This sweater is a bit too warm for me for inside wear in Vancouver since it is 100% merino wool and a heavy knit, but I’m going to Toronto next month and I suspect this will be a good layering piece for me there. I really like natural fibres like this and since it’s oversized it’s not itchy on me.

While I was there I also tried on the Embrace The Space Hoodie which has gotten some hype on Facebook groups. I think it’s nice enough but I wasn’t in love with it and it wasn’t magical slimming or elegant on me. The thinness of it was a nice change since you can wear it under a jacket without feeling the bulk of cotton or fleece, or you can probably slip it on quite easily post workout on sweaty skin, but it’s still a nylon/polyester blend material and $138 seemed really much for it. Whats nice about it is it’s thinness and how saturated dark black it is, and it’s somewhat structured. I tried on my size 10 which was huge, and size 8 which was oversized but right and both lengths where butt covering on me.  It’s on my markdown list but I think I’d only bite if it’s sub $80. Spacer fabric is a tricky fit though, on some it looks really elegant and on others it just overwhelms. 

Have you guys tried on the Embrace The Space Hoodie? I’m curious about your impressions of it. 

Sattva Sweater

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  1. Unknown says:

    I tried the embrace the space hoodie on last week and I really, really, really liked it. I think the material feels great and very unique. So warm for the weight. I am so tempted to buy it but I'm hoping for a markdown. I might break down and buy it anyway. By the way, I definitely sized down. My TTS (8) looked ridiculous. Too huge, sleeves too long, etc. The 6 was still loose and could easily be layered under but seemed to fit the way the garment was designed to fit. It's boxy – not figure flattering necessarily. It's a little like the Nike Tech fleece cape that they had out last year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also scored a sweater I'd been watching for today. The Passage to Prana. I know it's last year's sweater, but I always liked it and at $99, it seemed worth it. It was on WMTM; hope I like it when it arrives. The reviews were somewhat mixed, but almost everyone who complained washed it and I always dry clean wool sweaters.

    I spent about an hour at the store today trying all kinds of things on, but walked out empty handed. I didn't try on the Embrace the Space, but I did try on the Insculpt Jacket, which is also spacer material. I really liked it, but after all the discussion here, I was not about to pay full price, so I will see if it gets marked down. Though the color (deep indigo) was very pretty and the jacket was warm and comfortable, I'm not sure exactly how I'd use it, so if I miss out, it's not a big deal.

    Otherwise, I tried on a bunch of marked down items like the Belle Jacket and Split Jacket. They were ok, but I just don't need more items like this, so I have to really love them to give them closet space. Tried the Rush Hour Half Zip and the First Mile Half Zip. I much preferred the former, though it wasn't as warm, it was much more comfortable.

    I have a long torso, so both the First Mile Half Zip and the Rush Hour Jacket don't work on me, in part because they share that odd line of elastic midway down the lower back. If it hits you in the right place, you're fine, but it's a very limiting detail. Seems like a rookie design error to me to include something that makes a garment unflattering on lots of people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the sweater from last year and it develops a lot of holes so be careful! also dont wash it…ever lol it shrinks like no other!

    • MZC says:

      HAHA yep I agree…even dry cleaning doesnt work for some reason with this sweater. I had to exchange twice due to snags and shrinkage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugh! Should have checked with you guys before pulling the trigger. Well, at least I'm warned now.

    • MZC says:

      fingers crossed that you get a good batch!! 😀

    • Unknown says:

      Just wanted to mention that the "spacer" fabric of the Insculpt jacket/vest is totally different from the "spacer" fabric of the embrace the space jacket. The Insculpt feels more cotton-y. The embrace the space is almost like a plush soft luxtreme. It's slipperier. Lulu is TERRIBLE at describing fabric on the website and making it clear which garments use which fabric. Drives me crazy!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think it feels like any kind of Luxtreme. To me it was like a wet suit. But super soft one and nice to touch

  3. Lottie_Lulu says:

    I got the Embrace the Space; I am glad it's got some positive reviews somewhere. I only tried it on because I felt the material as I walked past it, needless to say it was so soft I did an immediate reverse and then tried it on. It does come up big but because of the material it can make you look a bit boobilicious (I've got Kim Kardashian boobs and butt which is incredibly hard to dress). I got it in the 12 after much mulling. I told the assistant I wanted to wear it for walking/jogging at which point she said it wasn't for that and got me 3 running jackets to try on, none of which were anywhere near as nice. As I am in the UK there is no danger of it going to markdown as our markdowns are so rubbish compared to the US!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here are very similar ombre yoga pants from Athleta at a fraction of the cost if anyone is interested 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    If anyone has a recommendation as to sizing for the sattva sweater I would greatly appreciate it. I am normally a size 6 or 4 in sweaters. I am not sure if going with a 4 would make the sweater shorter? I prefer for it to cover my bum ( I am 5'6"). Is it an item that most are sizing down for? Thanks for any input:)

  6. sharviss says:

    I bought the Embrace the Space in my size down. I love it!! My size is now sold out on the website and there aren't many left in stores in Canada so I didn't feel bad buying it a full price.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi do you know if the mode has the All Day Tote Mini or the bigger one on the picture with the Brave the cold jacket(october 28th) Thanks 🙂

  8. stylistadiva1 says:

    I hate how MDs can vary from store to store. I realize it can depend on how much additional merchandise a store can have left over, however I do think if an item hits MD, it should be that price across the board, not one price at one store and a different price elsewhere. I also don't enjoy the selective price adjustment policy. They have made me return my product (within the 14 day time frame) and pick the same item off the floor at the MD price to purchase instead of simply adjusting the bill. I think it's in the hopes that my size will not be available to purchase at the new price.

  9. Lulumum says:

    If it happens to yours, take it in to the store. They are pretty good about quality issues.

  10. I am considering buying the embrace the space hoodie for Japan. It will be around 12 degrees would this jumper be warm enough as an outer layer? Along with thermals and scarf. I live in the tropics so jumpers are non existent for us and I'm not familiar with knowing how to keep warm.

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