Shibori Wunder Under Pants and Energy Bra, Brunswick Tank, Layer Me Turtleneck, Brave The Cold Jacket

October 28, 2016

Brunswick Tank, Wunder Under Pant Shibori

 Layer Me Turtleneck

Shibori Wunder Under Pant variation.

Brave The Cold Jacket

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5 responses to “Shibori Wunder Under Pants and Energy Bra, Brunswick Tank, Layer Me Turtleneck, Brave The Cold Jacket”

  1. dogrunner says:

    Pants are cute. I tried in the ombré today and they were way to long and lost the effect. Can anyone advise about pace rivals. I have tried them on a few times since their release and feel like I am exactly in between two sizes. Both my sizes give me a bit of a muffin top in the back which I makes me batty (on myself) my smaller size fits nicely in the calves and knee area And the next size up has some slight bagging in the knees and the material puckers a bit where the mesh attaches. My experience with luxtreme is hat it looses its shape and starts to sag between hips and thighs. How are the pace rivals with this?? Wondering if I should go smaller and assume they' will stretch or go with my more comfortable size and deal with the baggy knees?? Really like the look and feel of the cross hatch pace rivals. It doesn't feel like luxtreme. I good go on in detail about all he other pants I tried in today but I won't bore you all. I think I tried them all and the fabrics are just funky. Especially seeing a lot of bunching where the mesh panels are sewn with the other Fabrics.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'd definitely go with your smaller size. There are some reviews online about bagging out, and while mine haven't done that, they do loosen a bit with wear. I have 3 different pairs that I wear all the time, and I love them. No issues with seams splitting, pilling, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tired of shibori already. This is from someone who loves black, grey, white.

    Received my reflective CRB today, tts, so pretty (black and white again, HA!). The small issue is that the armpit is cut a bit high. Not sure if I will have chafing issue. Does anyone have the same problem?

  3. 良心和熱情是台達徵信社所有同仁的動力來源,完美解決客戶的每一項任務是我們唯一的目標。

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'm a 2 in Align. Should I size upto a 4 in Wunder Under Pant *Shibori?

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