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You can really see the fit issues I have with the new Cool Racerback II in these photos. This woman is fit and gorgeous and has awesome shoulders but you can see how wide the armholes are and when you have developed shoulders and a bigger bust, if you don’t like exposing your wings, the armholes really show them off. My other major issue with this tank is the seam detailing at the neck (shown here). If you are using the tank primarily for cardio it probably won’t be an issue but if you are resting a barbell there, or doing sit-ups, leg raises or any kind of back work you will definitely feel that with the repetitive motions or heavy weights. I’m eager to hear your reviews of this tank in those specific areas.  

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Cool Racerback II

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  1. It's just a tank top for God's sake. Do you really expect them to make the same thing for decades? The discussions over the new CRB have become borderline ridiculous, especially considering that the old version is and will most likely remain available for all to keep obsessing over for years to come.

    1. Lulumum, that is a much kinder and more charitable response than I was going to give. I would like to to remind Anon 12:22 that this is a forum where people discuss Lululemon, and if she has a problem with people doing that, maybe this isn't a site that she should frequent. Or another option would be that she could just look at the photos and not read the comments.

    2. I also appreciate LLM's diplomacy, but I actually agree with 12:39. In the big scheme of things, does the disappearance of a tank mean a lot? Of course not. Indeed, it would be easy for anyone, even those who have been devoted LLL fans for years, to identify complaining about the changes in the CRB as the epitome of a 1st World Problem. That being said, in this context and on this particular blog, expressing an opinion about the demise of a beloved item (and I use the adjective knowing I am personifying an object :)) seems reasonable enough.

      Moreover, like LLM, I am not convinced that sizing up would improve the fit of the CRB 2 on this educator. She is a lovely woman and criticizing her reminds me a little of the old days when Chip disparaged women with big thighs for causing pilling. (As a woman with thick legs myself that comment stung, though admittedly now I miss CW's vision.) Though I do not carry weight in my back, somehow the cut of the CRB 2 (in my usual LLL 4) looked extremely unflattering. I know the size was right because the front of the new version was as classic & pretty as the original.

      Thank you again for everything you do, LLM.

    3. Anon 12:22pm Chill Out This is a blog to discuss all things Lulu and that means we get to be armchair fashion critics, voice our opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks Lulumum for this forum and for all the great posts and pictures.

      In regard to the picture everyone is referring to I don't think it's the CRBll being too tight that is causing some skin to be pushed up that would be from her sports bra which happens to many of us and the reason I like armholes not to be cut too low. She is not wearing the CRBll pulled down to it's full length, rather she has bunched the fabric up to shorten the length, it's not too small.

      Everytime I see the "v" in the back I think of a v-neck tee shirt and the overlap of fabric to get the "v", that just looks cheap to me. It's easier to see what I am talking about on a solid vs. a print like this one. That everyone IMO. Have a great evening everyone.

    4. Feel free to post your fit review of the tank if it's worked for you and you love it. I'd love a guest post from people who love the Cool Racerback II.

  2. Honestly, I also agree that the CRB is too tight on her, causing the fabric to pull and pucker through her middle and create extra flesh spillage under her arms and on her back, even though she's pretty fit to begin with. I'd be curious to see what it would look like if she sized up.

  3. Nothing can help the style of the CRB2, no sizing up or down no better colours or patterns it's just plain gross.
    And yes we are all entitled to our opinions. Thanks for letting us LLM ( wink wink anon 12:22)

  4. Re: CRB: she's wearing at least one if not two sizes too small. fabric is stuck to her flesh in her middle and squeezing extra flesh out the armholes. Hard to tell what it would look like in the appropriate size.

    1. Thank you!!! I made the initial comment that she is in the wrong size. I wasn't meant to be insulting but I don't understand why some women pay so much money for lululemon and buy the wrong size – mainly out of vanity.

      Every time I go in to lulu and reach for my size 4s in pants I have the educators rushing over telling me I am clearly a 2. I'm not. I am a 4. I don't want to risk sheer pants like I've seen in all of the boards.

  5. I don't know why women are so mean to each other. But putting down people's feelings and demeaning them for having them is not nice. We all have things that bother us and whether you think it's important or not people deserve respect for their opinion.

    I would say due to the puckering on the girl with the new crb it's too big.

  6. I purchased the Super Purple CRBII on the weekend. I was fully prepared to hate it but actually ended up liking it enough to go ahead and purchase it and give it a try. I absolutely love that it is higher cut in front than the original CRB. I wear a size 2 CRB and took the same for the CRBII. I am on the busty side and have no problem with the fit on the front around my bust. I am on the small side of a 32 band size, more like a 30 band size, and on the larger size of a DD or E cup. My favourite thing about the new CRBII is that it fits and looks so much better around my bust than the original CRB and has more coverage. I even kind of like the back and find it flattering. Although, I do prefer to keep my straps under cover, or at least looking as uncluttered as possible, it doesnt look as bad as I thought it was going to with my regular bra straps crossed on narrowest setting or with my TaTa Tamer Bra (only sport bra that works for me) straps crossed. The only thing I do not like is the price tag, honestly not worth $52 for what it is, and the seams quality is not up to par.

    1. No problem! I love that we can all share on your blog, Lulumum. I just went and tried it on quickly just to make sure, and yes, there is good coverage for me in that area! I hate to say it, but I do really love the fit around this area for me compared with my original CRBs. Maybe you are right that it may have something to do with shoulder distance. Mine seems to be on the smaller side. (on the petite side at 5 feet 2 inches and carry all my weight in thighs butt and boob areas, in case that helps).

      Yes, give it a try! I was surprised I liked it as much as I did (just not the price). I hope you end up liking it too.

    2. Thanks!! I really appreciate the fit review. That is interesting that on a larger bust size it doesn't scoop in on you at the armpit/bra area. I wonder if it has to do with shoulder distance from bust to top of shoulders. I will try it on when I'm in town late this week.
      I'm curious if the CRB II will be the option at SW.

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