Cool Racerback II – True Red

 Is it me or does the top bar of the ‘T’ in the racerback seem too thick compared to the stem? 

Another Bordeaux Drama Pullover sweater. It’s cute, if it comes in more colors. Yay! Bordeaux Drama is back for the 4th Fall in a row. 

Outrun 17″ Crop

Weather You’re Ready Jacket

On The Run Long Sleeve

Essential Tank

Is it me or have they made a lot of items in this Tiger Space Dye print? I really liked it when it first came out and I got my Salute The Sun Tank and I wear it a lot.  Then we had a few pullovers in this print and some more tanks and now this tank. I hate that Lululemon is being so repetitive on colors and prints. 

Tight Stuff Tight II – Splatter White Black

I love that from afar this print looks like sparkling sequins but up close it looks like a Jackson Pollock. I think I’d like something in this print. Great addition with the pockets.

Fast As Light Singlet

Fast As Light Tight – Greyvy

Fast As Light Crop

Inspire Tight

Speed Wunder Tight

Fast Lane Singlet – Lavender Dusk

Circuit Breaker Bra

  1. Ugh Bordeaux Drama is too over done. I do love the color but I'm sick of it now. Those crops could have been promising but they add mesh to it and it goes so high up. It's also ridiculously priced I think? The Outrun Crop is what I'm referring to.
    I agree LLL has been repetitive with prints but I also like that I can pick which item I want in that print. I do wish they wouldn't drag a print out for months though. The new bra looks alright. Not really feeling the collection of items. I wish the red came in a regular CRB. 🙁 do you think they'll ever upload new CRB colors?

  2. Well of course I'm going to bite the bullet and get the true red crb and power purple…gotta have those…it looks like fast lane singlet is going to be a staple and I love the fabric and fit of those…yikes might be expensive for me….the fast as light singlet is basically the stride to tide we got in spring with unfinished hem in swimsuit fabric..I know cuz I'm returning one that is nwt as I can't stand rolling unfixed hem…as far as pant price increases go that will make me reduce down to 1 pair a month…thank goodness I have from within a year bought 30 pairs…I can only wear them 2x per year especially since I just got into speed shorts for summer…

    1. Lululemon is trying to lure us into purchasing the new CRBii with colors that many of us have been looking for in a CRB for a while (power purple and a "real" true red from the looks of it).
      I really do not like the narrow back or the shorter length of the new CRB, however, I probably would have at least ordered one to try out had it not been for the price hike.
      I just cannot stomach spending 59.60$ (with taxes) on a basic tank that does not have a built-in bra.

    2. I'm definitely not rewarding this company by buying a color they know customers have been dying for in a sub-par, price-inflated item.

    3. totally agree with you guys. so sick to see them release these CBR ll in colors we all have been waiting for, for so long! but the new design and the price increase are just too much. so nothing for me.

    4. I agree with you all 100% about the CRB2. I am going to resist it. Luckily, I have been buying Lululemon for 5+ years and collecting CRBs just as long. (It's my favorite piece since I wear it both as a layer to work and for a variety of workouts. Sadly, though the front of the new version is fine, I do NOT like the back at all.)

      Since I adore saturated colors, I have a Power Purple, Pigment and Bruised Berry CRB1 tank; thus, it's easy for me to resist the gorgeous new Super Purple. However, I must admit that if I didn't have a plethora of deep purple/blue CRB1s on which to rely, I'd be tempted, despite the (IMO) inferior new design and large price increase. It's pretty maddening.

      As many others have noted, had Lulu released the CRB1 in fresh new colors OR old colors never produced in the CRB (such as Alberta Lake) OR their best patterns, it would sell briskly. I would not even mind if LLL made fewer, but more judiciously planned, CRB1s. Many people have said, ENOUGH oranges, enough neutrals, enough stripes.

      LLL would save $$ in the long run if they studied this blog and examined the colors and patterns (start with not backing prints in white) for which people clamor every season. Then, release a seasonal "color story" so people can coordinate as they did in the old days. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, what hooked me on lulu initially was the fact I could create a cute athletic outfit; I think LLL was a grown-up version of my Granimals growing up. 🙂

    5. I love seeing that there are some of us who are being so strong! Well done! I was weak and caved in and bought the Super Purple one on Saturday and I don't know why because I could see that the stitching not only around the V section, but throughout the tank was crap quality. When I asked if they had another in same colour in same size they checked but didn't and said they look online too but none online and sorry about that but if the seams come apart they will repair it for me no problem. (wow sorry for the long run on sentance!) The intelligent part of me knows that this isn't acceptable for a $60 tank top (around that for me after taxes), but the other part of me said go for it. I guess I justified it by telling myself I'd try it out and they'll repair it if it starts to fall apart. (dumb I know!) I'm admiring how others are being strong about this! I love the True Red one but will stick with my Super Purple one.

    6. Hi. (This is the first 11:15 again.)

      Initially, let me apologize for my typos.

      Secondly, don't beat yourself up, second 11:15. As I mentioned, it's easy for me to let my rational side rule because I have so many CRB tanks. I likely wouldn't be strong if I had been yearning for a purple-blue tank — and did not already have a couple similar to the new Super Purple. (Plus, the back of the CRB 2 is NOT flattering on me, regardless of my disliking the angles and price hike.)

      On another note: is True Red close to Love Red? It looks to be; on my screen, it seems to have an orange, rather than blue, cast.

    7. I don't know if I'm colorblind, but I Checked out the true red heathered swiftlys in person and they still looked red-orange to me. Didn't buy any style. I don't know about the new crb but to me the true red isn't a true red for all fabrics.

    8. Thanks, Reya! Yes, True Red looks a little red-orange on my computer monitor as well. However, I sort of hope it is orangey-red like Love Red. Then, I would have NO compunction about passing on the decidedly inferior (at least IMO) CRB 2. I would feel more than a tinge of annoyance if the color lived up to its name and really was a True Red, something between the orange-red of Atomic/Love and the blue-red of the Berry Bumble/Rumble. ~ 11:15 and 1:02

  3. I don't see anything exciting and the colors are boring. That crb2 is not nice looking. The back Reminds me of a meat head muscle shirt. Lol

    1. LOL! It looked hideous on me. Even the super friendly educator told me I looked so much better in the original CRB.

    2. I have a great collection of CRBi's and since LLL is really going downhill, I will be fine for quite sometime. LLL will get far less of my money and that is AOK by my. I do not have a true red CRB. Yes, like many people I have desired one for quite some time. However, I completely decline to be suckered by LLL. The CRBii It is an inferior product in design and quality (haha you cannot even call it "quality" with the finishing it has, terrible) and it is not worth the money. Easy! Done! I find it fascinating that some people just give in and have no will power or discipline. That is what this brand won't give you: you give that to yourself.

  4. I can't recall ever seeing so many black and white prints released one after another. How many black and white printed bottoms does a woman need and how many heathered black tops does a woman need? The season of grey/black/bordeaux is almost upon us. Lulu seems to operate on a theme of white, black and one other colour for Summer and for Fall/Winter its Grey, Black and one other colour, usually Bordeaux. With such an array of great colours why do they only give us one colour besides the basics? Wouldn't it be nice if this Fall we got Greyvy and a medium shade of Zinfandel as another choice for tops, jackets, etc. instead of Bordeaux?

    It looks like the style for this Fall/Winter is going to be shorter/cropped tops which will greatly reduce my spending.

    1. @ Anon 6:24 AM, LLM warned us that this is the direction they are going in. Going to be "neutrals" with pops of colour.

      Fastest way to kill a brand and lose the customer's attention is by churning out the exact same looking stuff.

  5. Just say no to Bordeaux drama! So hard to pair with other colors. I learned that the hard way the first time it came out.

  6. The Circuit breaker bra and On the run ls are of interest, maybe the Fast as light singlet too if it comes in some interesting colors, but all will be very price dependent for me. Most new items are just OK, nothing that I 'must have'. Tired of mesh accents in bottoms and the 2 pieces of bordeaux drama I own are enough for me.

  7. Pretty sure the Bordeaux top is just the under wraps pullover that was released recently… Might just be an old photo? It would be weird if they re-released it again after it went on MD.

  8. As someone else mentioned, the Circuit Breaker tank is very obviously the bra from the Twist and Toil tank. Cut the tank off, slap a logo on it, and call it a day, I guess.

    1. exactly what I am waiting for …I want to return the Team Canada bra (was $88) for a less expensive bra – energy or ftbw…..

  9. Too many seams and hate the mesh in all the crops and pants. Not my style personally. Is it just me or is the mesh starting to look more like pantyhose.

    Wish they'd make more classically styled bottoms. More options of regular plain old Wunder Unders, preferably with the original waistbands. And please bring back the Skinny Groove Pants and original Groove Pants with the regular waistbands.

    …really hating all the seams and mesh these days you guys… I mean, all these styles are great for those of you who like them and I'm glad they're an option for you, but I'd love to see more choices for those of us who don't like them.

  10. I was looking forward to the 17inch running crops until I saw the mesh. Bummer. I have had stitching problems on brand new frye boots before…it can happen when things are mass produced. I have gobs of lulu and in all the years I have been buying, I have never had a stitching problem or pilling problem. guess I am lucky but I think my lulu stuff is bullet proof. So many athletic companies have copied the original crb design. Maybe lulu just wants to set themselves apart from the knock offs. I am loving these new colors.

  11. The new CRB2 looked ghastly on me, both the back and front. The back looks similar to what the hardcore bodybuilders wear at my gym. Not a look that I find very attractive…My wallet is safe for now.

  12. Greyvy is so pretty but I won't wear pants with that much mesh as it's rendered completely useless once the temperatures drops. If it's released in a HT or even Align I'd be tempted!

  13. Big bucket of boring. Middle of the road "innovation" and nothing to desire.

    Fast as Light Tight, sorry, the amount of seams even as part of the design is anti-activity. They will not be comfortable. Someone is the design lab thinks they are "pretty" and clearly has no practical experience with working out or running. Nothing new on the overkill with the mesh.

    I don't care how many nice colours they make that CRBii in: never. going to. buy. it.

    1. I so agree anon 5:04 about the CRB II. I haven't tried it on but that type of narrow tank makes my shoulders look so much broader. Plus, I have winged scapula so I know my shoulder blades will pop out! Not a good look. Am simply hounding the WMTM site for CRBs on MD. Grabbed 3 so far. Luckily CRBs are made to last. Nothing that LLM has posted including the other sneak peak items have interested me, but I grabbed a bunch of swiftly's before price hikes and hunted stores down that had my size in colours I wanted that were already sold out online. Like the heathered boom juice swiftly. I did this on the Friday before the Aug 1 deadline and was amazed how many educators did not know about the price hike on swiftly's. Very grateful to you LLM for your blog!!!

      I am interested in the weather your ready jacket in hero blue but will probably pass as god knows what the price will be on that one. Am going to assume " ridiculous".

    1. Oooh you just gave me an idea. The Power Y may become my fallback after the CRB is no more. I've always liked the Power Y but preferred the CRB so only have a 2-3 PY's, especially since the PY's where so much more expensive. With a $2 price difference now the PY seems a much better value for what you get.

  14. I don't own a single item in Bordeaux Drama. Unflattering and yucky. Hard to match anything except black. Sick of this color.

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