1. It was definitely a size up for me. I did a fit review of it yesterday and tried on my TTS but would have purchased the size up. It's just too thin, clingy and sheer in the back to be a fitted tank.

    1. 100000% AGREEMENT! They looked awful on! Truly a bad design. OT- I snagged a pair of WU Pant High Rise Dottie Tribe that someone returned. I am in LOVE with these. I am stalking Ebay and calling around (the shops) like a lunatic trying to find another pair. I stayed TTS in these. I don't want them loose and looking odd in certain areas if I size up. I have a booty on me and even on a full bend over test, I can barely see the white backing. I love the compression on these.

      Wow Lululemon! You finally did something that got me truly excited again about Lululemon pattern and tights.

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