1. I have mixed feelings on this Dottie Tribal print. I appreciate the artistry but not sure I want to wear something archaic on my body….I try to see it as a modern interpretation of "tribal" but not sure I'm feeling it.

    1. Ditto. appreciate the art, but not feeling this print on bottoms. The only photo where I've seen it look attractive was with the african american model who was wearing the matching bra and bottom. I think the stark nature of that print looks jarring against lighter colored skin…that could be it.

  2. Absolutely love print on wup…will go with so many colours….so unique..it looks like the print is an applique kinda 3d…but I am thinking it is painted on fabric like the sea wave print on the speed wunder. ….I ordered the speed shorts but think I am going to keep the wup instead as they are so unique….expensive but unique

  3. The WUP are pretty, and they are fairly unique, but to be honest there are a lot of unique looking leggings out there these days that aren't as expensive. For example, they're not any more unique than Werkshop bottoms and Werkshop's aren't anywhere near as expensive! Lulu's prices are getting ridiculously high considering what these items really are, along with that the quality has been going downhill and they're being manufactured as cheaply as possible in Asian countries. It seems like they're using anything and everything as an excuse to raise their prices every chance they can. Sorry for sounding negative, I love Lulu too, I just don't drink their kool aid (not saying anyone else here is either, just sharing my two cents on being tired of Lulu's excuses for raising prices).

    1. I agree with you, completely! There are so many brands doing unique print leggings and with prints that even line up for less than this! Lulu just wants to keep raising the prices.

  4. I really like the print which is saying a lot because I have not liked 90% of the prints this year. I would not, however, pay over $130. with taxes for them. I agree with Anon July 13, 7:11pm as to the quality of clothing going downhill. I have found a lot of the clothing in the last year or two, especially new product to be very basic in design using cheaper fabric which doesn't warrant the price. I look at some of my purchases from 4+ years ago and I am so happy I have them because they are so well mad and unique in design and detail compared to what is being made by LLL today.

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