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Coming This Week! Goal Crusher Jacket and Goal Crusher Crops!

July 18, 2016

Lululemon posted a sneak peek of the Goal Crusher Jacket and Goal Crusher Crops on snapchat which insinuates it will be uploaded for North America this week. For those of you like me that busted your budget on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, this is bad news. I really want those Goal Crusher Crops. They will look so silly paired with my new Barbour Jacket. 

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6 responses to “Coming This Week! Goal Crusher Jacket and Goal Crusher Crops!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It's about time they brought out a running jacket but I was hoping to see the Gather Me Slightly Jacket in Pretty Prism Multi or better colours then what was offered in the Spring as I really really need a lightweight technical running jacket for summer. Unfortunately this one is too lightweight and I already have the Fast and Free Jacket from 3 years ago in the same fabric. I love how they have designed the Goal Crusher Jacket, the back looks gorgeous and be still my heart… it has thumbholes! Yes it's great to have thumbholes on a chilly day but I also like them because they are easier to push up your arm without ruining the cuffs like I have on other jackets I own that don't have the stretchy fabric cuffs. I am happy to see they didn't ruin the style of the Goal Crusher with slits or holes in the back or a cinched waist like all their jackets of 2016. The little bit of gathering in the back looks fine. The design and detail of this jacket is what I love about LLL and would love to see more technical jackets designed like this in different fabric before the summer ends.

  2. lulubell says:

    It is such a cute jacket. The way they did the back reminds me of old Lulu with the extra details. Unfortunately, I don't run or live in an area where it rains much, so I have no excuse to buy it. I will just admire the pics instead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that these photos obscure the horrible mesh details on the crops…classic Lulu move.

  4. Anonymous says:

    @lulubell, I have the Fast and Free Jacket in the same fabric as the Goal Crusher Jacket. I would not wear it in the rain as you will get soaked. It is more for an added layer on a cool and overcast day. I have worn mine out to festivals and stuffed it in my purse when I didn't want to wear it anymore and it takes up little space and does not wrinkle. I originally thought I wouldn't get much wear out of it but I am really glad for those days when it's the perfect layer to wear. Besides that I get lots of compliments which is always nice because it really is quite a unique design and has those special details that only LLL jackets have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a jacket like that (forget the name) While it was cute it was not functional. I ended up selling it for $20 ��

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