Sneak Peek: What We Love

What We Love is up! I’m going to need that lilac Sunset Savasana Pullover. 



Cristina founded The Sweat Edit in 2010. She lives with her husband, two daughters and two boston terrier fur daughters in Vancouver, BC. Cristina dabbles in many creative hobbies such as drawing, painting, and jewelry design which sometimes makes it's way here on the blog. Cristina enjoys various sweaty pursuits such as Peloton spin, olympic weightlifting and running.

  1. I love the bra, crops and the sweater. I love the look of the lilac but may opt for white in the sweater since it is more suitable for all seasons…..but I really love the lilac. May have to order both and then decide.

  2. Just got my order and found the CRB (Exhale) really disappointing. Scratchy and somehow not as flattering as a regular CRB. Love the back detail but not sure that this one is a keeper.

  3. I don't know about the sweater, sure is pretty and I love that color but it looks very thin and delicate, might turn into snag city…

  4. @ Anon 3:03PM – I got the CRB (Exhale) in Hero Blue and didn't find it scratchy at all. What color did you order?

    Very excited about more True Self Crops! I got them in black last time around. Hoping for more darker colors…

  5. @Anon 3:03 @Anon 5:11 I also have the Hero Blue Exhale CRB and I really like it also. Too bad yours is scratchy!

    Not sure what to think of the True Self line. I don't think the tank or bra are for me but maybe the crops? I tried the Pure Practice crops but they were not good due to my big calves. Maybe these would be a nice alternative.

  6. I also got the CRB exhale in hero blue and it is cottony soft. I love it. I ordered the 2 other colors. Will have to see when they arrive. Hoping to love them just as much 😉

  7. @Anon 5:11 How do the true self crops fit? I am normally between a size 4 or 6 in full on luon. These are just luon. Wondering if they differently being a different version of the fabric or it is just lighter weight? I like the slate color but wonder if the lighter color would be less flattering!?!

    1. I have a pair from last year and they fit TTS but I might be able to size down okay as well. If they're the same as last years they have a double bum layer so it makes them feel tighter.

  8. Well Shit. This has been an expensive couple of Lulu lulu weeks and it just keeps coming. Love the sweater. Ended up getting all 3 of the merino wool version and wore them alot. (Its the perfect sweater for my work) Also want to try the Bali Breeze Speeds. Like the true self bra, would look really cute with the sweater. Grrr. Already splurged on the Silver Fox rain supreme jacket. Then they marked down my beloved track to reality pants, then the Zin & hero blue CRB, had to have the Blurry Belle WUC, (which would great with that lilac sweater) then the making moves LS which looked great on me (no curtain effect) GRRRRRRRR!!!!! I just dont seem to have any of the wonderful restraint I had in Jan, Feb and March!!! Eeekk!

  9. Crap. I hate that product drops Tuesday and pay day is Friday. This is when I hope my store won't receive the merchandise until Friday…Love the pullover and also want the mesh speeds that US stores have already. Plus there's a bunch of other stuff I wan't at various other stores.

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