Fit Review: Studio Crop II, Tube & From Skirt

I did a quick try on of the new Studio Crop II’s and the Tube And From Skirt today since I was in store returning the extra Hero Blue Exhale Cool Racerback (get it! You need it!). I also tried on the Align Crops but didn’t include a fit review for them. I kinda want the Align Crops but I also don’t want to spend the money on plain black crops – especially since I have the originals, ya know? 

Studio Crop II

I didn’t totally dislike these but I also don’t get why they made this version. If you want a narrow legged swift crop, why wouldn’t you just get the Street To Studio Pant or the In Flux Crops? The S2S has some nicer and more flattering design features than these and I didn’t find these as flattering. The leg opening isn’t as obviously elasticized as I thought it would be so it is streamlined but still, the Street To Studios are nicer. These are my TTS 10 and they were fine.

Tube & From Skirt TTS 10

I was ready to buy this skirt but I didn’t find it that flattering on. In the pictures it looks really nice but in person you could see every line from my tucked in and smoothed out shirt, and my underwear line. It wasn’t tight since it was very comfortable, the material was just thin. I also didn’t love the way it hugged my hips and tapered in. I think I want to try this on again with a CRB and a different tee shirt just to see how I’d wear it but I think I’m passing on this skirt.



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  1. Was exhale tts or can I size down like I do with crbs? Is material as thick as crb? Thx for all you do

  2. I agree with you regarding the questionable purpose of the new studio crops when we already have two other very similar items as you noted. Did the elasticized bottom leg opening leave any kind of elastic imprint? The only thing I can think of as to why they would make this new version would be to copy some of Athleta's designs (e.g., La Viva Capri), which would be strange because Athleta generally seems like they try to mimic Lululemon designs… Oh well, I love my street to studio crops and guess I will be sticking with those now.

  3. Thanks for the fit review of the new Studio Crop 11. Is it true there is no stitching detail or elastic seam down the leg like the DSC? Also, is the waistband and bum the same as the DSC? Is there a drawstring in the hem and if so, is it necessary if the leg opening is small? Sorry for all the questions, just curious! I agree with you as to why they would bring these out when we have In Flux and STS which I hem to make them a shorter crop look. Why oh why couldn't they just bring back the DSC…

    1. I got mine in today from order and haven't made final decision. Definitely not as good as originals but I personally like them a lot more than in the flux which I do have a pair of but never wear due to baseball player / maternity waistband. I own 2 STS and they are better just wish they would get rid of granny pockets on bum but they were never really a replacement for DSC for me….different style. The new ones… ruching, no seams on behind, much plainer, elastic on leg (no drawstring) is not as bad as I thought. For those who used to size down on originals…. I would not recommend that on these….esp lined version. I am actually considering trying a size up to see what I think of that fit. Because I love the originals and miss them so much, I may keep a pair of these.

  4. That's interesting as their description says "cinchable drawcord at hem". Why would you do an update to an item and leave out all the design features that made the originals so great? To strip away all the design features and say here is the updated version is like a slap in the face. It just goes to show that this new management team had no clue what made Dance Studio Crops so wonderful when they shelved them and still have no clue thinking this version can replace them.

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