Nothing for me this week but I am admiring the black Swiftly Tech LS and Heathered Space Dye Gris Scuba Hoodie III that the US got. Neither are items I need or can justify but they are looking really sharp so I’m actually glad temptation was removed with it not being uploaded to Canada. Did you order anything today? 

Swiftly Tech LS 

Speed Shorts – US

Cyber Jungle Define Jacket – US

Wunder Under High Rise Cyber Jungle – Can

Precision Jacket – US/CAN

If You’re Lucky LS – US/CAN

Sage Scarf – US/CAN

Energy Bra – CAN

Scuba Hoodie III – US

Speed Tight – US

Purr Suit Onesie

Flow & Go Crop – US

Pace Rival Crop

Real Quick Crop

    1. I couldn't believe that instead of the black swiftly we get the light flare, ugh! I can't wait to see what colours we get this summer in the scoop neck swiftly, love them.

    2. I'm looking forward to seeing some great colours in the scoop necks too! The crew neck is my absolute fav, but I always buy new scoop necks when see them in a colour I love. Last year we didn't get any long sleeve scoops and I was disappointed about that, I would love a true black long sleeve scoop neck!

    3. Anon 5:10pm – Canada's colour choices of scoop necks last year was very slim but I was able to get the Iris Flower and Blue Denim, along with my Bali Breeze from a few years ago. I really wanted the heathered black that the US had but it never came to Canada. I would love a blue fresco or kayak blue and even a zinfandel one would great. I would like a long sleeve scoop neck too but I have never seen them, maybe this summer???

    4. I noticed that too, anon 5:54 AM, that we didn't get as many colour choices for the scoop necks as the US did. I was disappointed because I would have loved the Jeweled Magenta one and the Lullaby one. I was lucky enough to get the pretty Iris Flower one too, as well as Pistachio and Alarming. Fresco or Kayak would be gorgeous (more blues and purples in general please!). They had the scoop necks in the long sleeve version summer 2014 I believe, I got the Space Heather Jeweled Magenta one and love it! Fingers crossed for more this summer!

  1. Wish those pace rivals didn't have the pattern! Would have bought them in an instant… lulu ruining things with prints, yet again…

  2. I got the Purr Suit onesie, since I'm afraid it might sell out.
    Just kidding, I got the black swiftly LS and am pretty excited about it!

    1. Lol, you had me worried for state of mind tonight.
      I'm excited for you for that black swiftly LS. I think that swiftly deserves to be worn with something really cool and edgy for street wear like Adidas Originals.

  3. I bought the Real Quick Crop in deep zinfandel. I would have bought the Black s/s Swiftly had it come to Canada. It will look great with my vintage pink Run Times and my white lined Street To Studios and much much more…

  4. Has anyone tried on the Lucent jacket? Seen one in store? Missed out due to the glitchy upload last week and they seem to be impossible to find in the few stores that did get them. Not even the ebay resellers got them! Maybe someone can tell me it was not great and put my mind to rest!

    1. I bought the Lucent, and I love it! It's super flattering and the detail isn't obnoxious like I was worried about – I'm not a fan of really flowery prints. It's enough to keep me warm in the spring weather, but also has good ventilation when I'm out walking. I'm sorry that I can't put your mind to rest that way 🙁 I did see someone selling theirs on a Facebook group (I think they were seeing if anyone wanted it before they took it back), if that helps.

    2. I love the Lucent jacket. It is a loose TTS. Absolutely gorgeous, flattering, full of details and well made. I heard that the flagship stores got the Lucent line. It is worthwhile calling around.

    3. If you have the option, call the NYC flagship store on 5th ave. Saw a bunch of Lucent stuff there last night (Monday). Sorry, don't know exactly what as not on my radar. But passed by a rack of it!

    4. I've gone to my store three times in search of the Lucent Jacket and my store isn't getting it. I'm annoyed because I wanted to try it on before ordering and now it's sold out. I was also really curious about the tank which was online only but it sold out.

  5. I bought the If You're Lucky in black. I love the white one I already have, so hopefully they didn't change it too much. The silver spoon in that top looks funny to me, like it's a white that got dirty or was washed with dark colours and never recovered. Maybe it looks better in person?

  6. Nothing for me tonight. I was hoping for the solid black swiftly. Would buy in both long & short sleeves. Am crossing my fingers that it comes to Canada. I also noticed on the Austraila website they have a swiftly LS in heathered poisden. Wish that would come to Canada!

  7. Picked up the black swiftly in short-sleeve at my local store in Chicago today. Soft and beautiful. They also had it in light flare – pretty as well but I have previous flares from years past so i passed on it.

  8. Hi Lulumum, just noticed that the cyber green high times you have pictured above are actually WUC high rise! I was excited when I thought they were high times 🙁 oh well nothing for me this week

  9. Does anyone know what changes have been made to the If You're Lucky long sleeve. The description is the same as before but now they are calling it the second version. Thanks!

  10. What are the chances that the rio print comes out in run times? I would snatch them up in a second, but seeing as there are trackers in them and speeds, I would say they won't make them 🙁 I love the way run times fit, I never worry about exposing too much no matter what activity I am doing. They are my summer wardrobe, but come out in so few colors.

  11. Yes it is nonsense that LLL no longer synchronizes nee releases in NA–and they should go back to that–but the black swiftlies will surely be released in Canada. I am definitely interested in both the LS and SS versions.

    While I love the deep green that is out (and would love a deep green CRB as well as a jungle green one) I concur, what is with the Autumn palette at this time of year? And the reflective stuff? It's pretty clear the company has no handle on their manufacturing and distribution timetables.

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