Did you buy my Black If You’re Lucky LS from me at some point? I’ve been inspired to pull mine out  and wear it (finally. I’m sure it was NWT’s) and I can’t find it anywhere. I have a  sneaking suspicion that in a moment of insanity I sold it. Or I just can’t find it because it’s black luxtreme and it’s thin and will camouflage itself with all my other black Lululemon pieces. 

Black Swiftly Tech LS


Cyber Jungle Hero Blue Define Jacket


If You’re Lucky LS II, Rio Mist High Times Pant

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  1. I ordered the black If you're lucky long sleeve but I am worried that I won't like the changes that they have made to it. It looks shorter than the first version 🙁 It was so nice the was it was originally that I don't know why they would even bother to change it. Will see how it fits when I get it tomorrow – fingers crossed!

  2. Thinking of ordering the seek the heat crops. Not sure what sizing is like for luxtreme. I only have luon wunder unders and high times. I wear a 4 in high times and a 4 or 6 in wunder unders. Does anyone have any recommendations on which size I should try. TIA.

  3. Lulumum, I know how you feel! I hope you find it! Last night Out-a-moment of panic of not finding my SS blue If Your Lucky top, I found my white LS one that slipped off the hanger..the blue one slipped off too & got stuck on a swiftly…so mad at myself for not organizing my Lulu well & figuring what I have, don't ,or gave away. I feel like every month or 2; I misplace a beloved discontinued Lulu item & go through this .. I know such First World problems..I am trying to adopt a policy of buying one piece and then getting rid of another by selling/giving to someone who would treasure my older Lulu.

    1. The funny thing is is I keep thinking about it and have been meaning to wear it the last 6 months for Oly lifting class since it would be perfect but it's been out of sight and I never got around to looking for it. I hope it slipped off a hangar but I suspect its sold and gone forever.

  4. Yippee!! Thank goodness :o) What a relief! where was it?
    I know how you feel…although I put my Lulu away nicely & in an organized fashion;I tend to go through a Lulu missing item panic every 2 weeks or so……..Besides the tops/bottoms/clothes; I always avidly look after my Lulu outerwear, scarves, gloves, headgear when up & about.
    The latest…I don't know where I put my pigment blue wool merino hat (thank goodness it's a small piece & isn't a discontinued top or bottom) & then my kids made me second guess myself when they said they never ever saw me wear the hat…I have such a Lulu unhealthy, absurd addition …that I feel such craziness with a missing piece..did I ever get it? Where'd I put it? Did I leave it on the soccer field or changing room or in the class at the gym? did I give it away? Was it in the donation bag by mistake?
    At the end,(despite the panic) I always have a good laugh at myself. When the missing piece (if ever) shows up, it makes my day. If it doesn't, I really get mad at myself & then learn to let go (eventually).
    I know First
    World problems.

  5. Hi LLM, you want to here a moment of insanity? Last year I sold my Zinfandel dance studio jacket. Could seriously kick myself now…

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