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Boxing Day Upload

December 26, 2015

Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra (CAD)

5 Mile Long Sleeve (CAD)

Strap It Like It’s Hot Tank (CAD)

What The Sport Tee (CAD)

&Go Where To Dress (CAD)

Inspire Tight II (CAD)

Pace Rival Crop (CAD)

Tracker Short III (CAD)

Speed Short (CAD)

Run All Day Backpack (CAD)

Vent It Out Jacket (US)

After All Pullover (US)

Align Pant (US)

Pace Rival Crop (US)

Run Times Short (US)


Canada WMTM 

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43 responses to “Boxing Day Upload”

  1. Michelle Lu says:

    Is it just me or was this way better than last year's sale?? I bought the Aquamarine Runderful 1/2 Zip since the colour is lovely and the reviews were mostly positive. It's so strange cuz this colour run JUST uploaded.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just got the white/black warrior scarf, I hope it isn't disappointing, I'm not afraid of delicate material, and I think it could be really beautiful. I'm a little disappointed that the US didn't get the white/grey version of the *cotton or *fleece vinyasa scarf uploaded. I had been eyeing that for a while, but didn't want to pay $58 for a cotton scarf. It seems to have just completely disappeared from the website all together. Weird. I'm glad it wasn't too expensive of an upload.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All I got was the down for a run jacket. I still have the tags on mine so I might as well exchange it for the one $50 less. Thinking of a runderful zip but I'll just try it in store. Also thinking of trying the pace queen and the kriss cross but not tonight. Anyone try either yet?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm jealous of the US wmtm. That's a lot of tops! I had been contemplating getting the fleece vinyasa and I'm just snagged it. I got some new light as air undies too

  5. lulubell says:

    There are some good things on WMTM tonight. I have a couple of things in my cart, but I just can't seem to pull the trigger. Not sure why. I guess I don't want them as much as I thought? I'll probably be kicking myself tomorrow when they are gone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I really would have liked some of the US wmtm upload especially the swiftlys.I did get the down for a run vest, a runderful zip, duffle bag and vinyasa scarf. All things I have been wanting but hoping they would drop in price. Overall, I did very well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I bought the brushed speed rights in black grape three days ago, so I ordered them tonight for $20 less and will return the first pair.

    This is a nice sale upload. If only I had tried on more things for reference, the final sale makes me nervous.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was underwhelmed by Canada's WMTM. The only thing that partially tempted me was the Runderful 1/2 zip but I tried this on in store and really didn't like the neck on it so I passed. I was hoping for some Flow Y Bras that other countries got but no luck in Canada. The same with Run Times Shorts, none for Canada. I have been wanting the Mesh With Me LS but it never came to Canada and then I see it on sale in other countries when I would have paid full price had it come to Canada, oh well… It was also tough to see DSP lined and unlined and much better selection of Swiftlies, LS, SS and scoop neck available elsewhere.

    Lulumum, do you know if they will release more items as time goes on??? I keep hearing they have inventory problems so I was hoping to see more here in Canada for sale. It looks as though they took a lot of our inventory and sent it to other countries to put on sale.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would have jumped on the rest less pullover (US side) had I seen it, however I didn't see this until this morning and it's already off WMTM 🙁 Oh well. I guess I didn't need it that much! A few things caught my eye, but not enough to excite me into buying (although if I were to get the rest less, i would have gotten those things too!). I am starting to realize I may be getting off the Lulu train and just be in love with what I have!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Their website performance is so bad that anything I might have wanted I'm not going to buy. Product pages keep timing out and I can't get my cart to load at all. I mostly wanted the Berry Rumble RL PO that will probably never get uploaded.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was happy about the WMTM and managed to get some Swiftlies (I always have a hard time getting these on sale), a few tanks I've been wanting, and the ultra violet Down for a run jacket. I've been wanting that since it came out. Hope everyone else got some goodies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I got a Rest Less Pullover, two pair of Turn Around Tights, three Happy Strappy tanks, (I love them!)a Mind and Body Kit and the Speed Tight IV. I would have actually gotten more but I shopped for too long and some things were sold out by the time I went to check out. The only thing I'm disappointed about is I couldn't find anything in dark mini coast. What a great upload!

  13. I would have purchased the speed tights but have lost confidence in quality and would rather just continue using my lulu's of years past rather than risk being stuck with 2015's that unravel after 3 wears. super sad. I also want the sherpa mittens (sorry dont know the exact item name) but have zero confidence that after checkout i'll actually receive my item (or will it be cancelled – again!) i will be heading over to my local lulu at the end of the wek. no rush here, sorry lulu you've lost a loyalist…

  14. Lululover says:

    I went to the store. Same md as online. I I got 5 mile shirt and CRB in pink lemonade on md. I still have CRB with tags attached . Will return it and keep the md one. Also checked out Wind runner jacket. It was ok and I can live without it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I also got the 5 mile shirt. I was surprised by how much I liked this. The raspberry is a great colour, or maybe I am juts reacting to all the black and grey of winter. I thought was a generous TTS fit. It's on the long side but not too long for me at 5'6". I also got the Speed IV's and a pair of high times on sale. It was a good day overall, but the store was packed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I bought the FTB bra in usual size 6 for $29 from wmtm. This is all I have been buying lately (bras) along with CRBs (when there is a good one, colour and quality), otherwise the one or two items that I really want are not on md and I did not expect them to be. WMTM is underwhelming mainly because the prices are still high to support their global expansion. The ls switflies at $59 – not a deal in my mind. Same with some other items. I was going to buy a fleece vinyasa from wmtm but meh, don't really need it.

    Of course the US got the Rest Less LS marked down AGAIN, unlike Canada which still has it at full price as Canada gets less stock and LLL like to cheat Canadians. (I already bought it at full price in black last year.)

    I like the Five Mile LS in the black/white pattern but it can wait.

  17. Aw what the sport shirt just in Canada as usual. Sigh.

  18. Anna says:

    Anyone else having problems using gift cards online today? I keep getting a "Breathe Deeply" error message, but talking to the GEC they say that the card does have the funds loaded. I know a friend who was able to use her card today though, so I am wondering if this is a widespread issue or if it's one of those "we hope you just go away" issues.

  19. Venting..went into the store today to return two horrible items. Cashmere bliss pullover was awful. So scratchy, and really boring design. Savasana pullover had about 10 snags after maybe an hour of wear. Was already annoyed. Went in and got handed a $20 giftcard, and got excited. Got a best coast pullover, wore I'd for about 2 hours, and it looked like it was 10 years old. Pills and snags. I'm pretty sure I'm completely done with this brand. So sad. Used to be my favorite. Quality has gotten terrible.

  20. Sarah says:

    Was very excited for wmtm but felt it was a let down. Did grab a Kanto catch me zip up in the green color as I'm pretty sure the US will NEVER get that green think fast hoodie. 🙁

  21. Anonymous says:

    Since the Scuba hoodie ii is on sale, do you guys think it's gone for good? As in they'll only make the scuba iii's from now on? I sure hope not because I like that we get two options for fleecy hoodies.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I got the in flux jacket in inkwell, some undies and the scooba ll in heathered black. I am pretty sure they are going to discontinue the scooba ll since all colors were on MD and nothing left at regular price. kinda bummed about this because I dont't like the scooba lll.
    so I went into the store this morning around 10am. I was really scared I'm gonna see a huge lineup as in previous years. when I got there there was no lineup, the store was not that busy and I didn't have to wait at all to pay for my purchese. very surprised since Boxing Day is so big in Canada and every year there were massive lineups at Lulu. guess people got fed up with this brand already….

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Scuba III is kind of awful – cheap looking and stiff. The front panel without piping is so obviously a cost-cutting move, and even the hood logo looks cheap. Really regret selling some of my Scuba IIs now. There are so many other options for sweatshirts at a third of the price of LLL and they're not boxy and ill-fitting like the Scuba III. I don't really understand discontinuing one product when the new product is not a substitute for the old. The color offerings for the Scuba III are also just really lame.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hate the new scuba prefer the old tried and true. The new are thin and cheap not worth the money in my opinion!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Even if you like the relaxed fit, it's obvious that they're much more poorly made (and at a $10 markup over the old version).

    • Anonymous says:

      I like it when people know the quality of prior LLL and tell the harsh truth about current LLL quality being worse and also costing more. Some customers are willing to be suckered. I am not so it's good to know I am not alone.

  25. Anonymous says:

    There are scooba III everywhere (Costco, Joe Fresh to name a few) for a fraction of the price. Why pay for details when there aren't any?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is there another sale on or right after New Year's day? I seem to remember one from a few years ago, but maybe I'm thinking of the boxing day sale.

    • Lulumum says:

      No, not online. There will be some Warehouse Sales (Edmonton was just announced, and Seattle) but those are at locations and not online. The prices for the boxing day sale might drop a bit though.

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