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Boxing Day: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

December 26, 2015

A shopping post for you while we wait for the Lululemon upload of course. 

Because of the low Canadian dollar, and despite getting a bit of cash for Christmas from my parents,  I don’t think I’ll be partaking in this Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale online this time despite spotting many items I’m coveting. I’m thinking I’ll go to the store downtown tomorrow to see if any of these items are also on sale in Canada. #1 on my list (which I’ve been wanting a very long time) are the Uggs Ansley Slippers. I also really like the Nike Vintage Sweatpants which I tried on a few months ago. Another thing I’ve been toying with is getting the North Face Osito Jacket (sherpa fleece) and returning the Lululemon Snowballer Jacket.

Ugg Ansley Ornate Slipper $76.96 (down from $109.95)

The North Face ‘Montlake’ Insulated Waterproof Rain Jacket $99 (from $199)

The North Face ‘Osito II Jacket’ $69.30 (from $99)

Nike Gym Vintage Capri Sweatpants  $33.99 (down from $45)

Nike Free 5.0 $99.98 (from $110)

Nike Free Flyknit $97.49 (from $130)

Rebecca Minkoff Binx Leggings $68.98 ($138)

Split 59 Sabrina Racerback $33.98 (from $68)

Nike Quilted Ralley Pullover Hoodie $59.99 (from $80)

Nike Tech Fleece Cape Jacket $134.99 (from $180)

Alo Curvature Mesh Leggings $54.94 ($82)
I reviewed these **here**

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6 responses to “Boxing Day: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale”

  1. Nickers says:

    What time does the upload usually go up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kit and Ace have a pretty good sale on. I think my lulu money will be going there instead this year.

    • BK says:

      I've been looking the Kit and Ace items. I've never tried on their clothes before. Are their tops and trousers comparable to Lulu sizing #help

  3. Michele says:

    Upload and WMTM are up!

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