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&Go Where To Skirt

&Go Destination Hoodie

&Go Destination Hoodie

Healthy Heart Pullover II

&Go Where To Dress

  1. Does anyone know if the party om bag in black is a different fabric from the original that got the negative reviews? I think I want this all of the sudden, but not if it picks up every little bit of lint.

    1. I know that the stores in the US have the new nylon version, which I picked up. It's the same black nylon as the festival bag. Holds up so well!

  2. I bought the black party om bag about a month ago in the store and it is a different material than the original one that came out. This one is nylon like the festival bags. I have been using it for a month with no problems.

  3. I bought the &go dress this morning. Super flattering and comfy. I'm going to try it on with boots before I take the tags off though – otherwise it will sit in my closet till spring.

  4. Surprised myself going into the store for a return and came out with a Healthy Heart pullover. I know a lot of previous edition lovers are hating on the new look and the hood and waistband but I loved it! Nice light rulu that reminded me of the Forthright half zip and understated dolman. I sized down for a more fitted look in the torso but for me it was a surprise win!

  5. I agree on the healthy heart pullover..I too went in today to return and exchange a damaged pant ..fell in love with this refreshed version of the healthy heart and I too sized down!

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