More fit reviews from Nordstrom Vancouver today. I was very short on time today and only had about 30 minutes to browse and try stuff on so I couldn’t grab more but I did aim to get a review of the Goddess Leggings some of you have been wondering about. Lunch at Bistro Verde was incredible by the way, I highly recommend it. 

Hard Tail Supima Cotton Tank ‘Rainbow Horizon Berry/Coral’

I am in LOVE with this tank! I was intrigued by Lululemon’s beach scape print that came out last year but something about it in person I just didn’t care for so I ended up passing on that one. This tank though, the colors are intense in person and it is the thickest softest cotton I have ever felt. I just find this version of horizon print much more flattering.  I absolutely had to bring this tank home even though it is pricier than a Cool Racerback. I know I’ll wear it casually, with a pretty black wrap sweater dressed up with a long necklace, I’ll wear it to the gym and I will wear it to bed. I take a 10 in Lululemon Cool Racerbacks and this tank was perfect in an L. Nice and long with the ability to scrunch it up higher.

Hard Tail Supima Cotton Tank

Alo ‘Hail’ Crossback Hoodie Hard Tail Hoodie

I pulled this hoodie to try on because it was incredibly soft and looked cute on the hanger but I didn’t care for it on. The neckline was really high and the fit was boxy in the torso. I liked the open back though. This is a large. 

Alo Yoga

Alo Moto Leggings  price matched online to $88

I also really loved these Moto Leggings and I put them on hold so that I could think about them for a bit. In store in Canadian prices I think it was $130 which was steep but these are leggings I would wear dressed up with great boots (more in the category of pants). If you are in the US though these are price adjusted online so I would definitely have gotten them at the $88 price tag. I think if you get them online from the Canadian side they should adjust to around $117 CAD. They are made for long legs which meant adjusting some of the moto detailing and the mesh panels so that it sat in the right places but once on they looked perfect. I really love these and I like them a lot more than the Lululemon Tech Mesh Tights. 

Alo Moto Leggings

Alo Moto Leggings

Alo Goddess Leggings Deep Teal Black *price matched online to $73.60

Please excuse the crazy print combo. I wanted to grab the Alo Goddess Leggings in all black or black/navy but they were sold out of my size so I grabbed these funky print ones just to try on. These are a size large on me (I take a 8 or 10 in Lululemon crops) and they are long but fit right otherwise. The upper material is very supportive and butt lifting but I did find them slightly sheer in this print. I suspect the solid colors are completely opaque but as with Lululemon, it is tricky to get opacity with prints. The bottom material is incredibly soft and light. I loved how these felt on. I need to try a more neutral pair on before I decide if I’d like these. I also would take advantage of Nordstrom hemming and get these hemmed shorter for my short leg length. It’s nice to have excess material that you can scrunch up like leg warmers but this was too much material for me on the bottom. 

Alo Goddess Leggings

Lorna Jane Crystal Capris  

These Lorna Jane Crops where so flattering on and I loved them as much as I loved last weeks Alo Crops. The mixed mesh design on the sides was really flattering and I found these pleasantly compressive and smoothing in the butt area. I can’t really justify black crops this week but these are definitely on my list for when I do need black crops for Crossfit or running. These are a size large on me and I wear a size 8 or 10 in Lululemon crops. 

Lorna Jane Crystal Capris

Lorna Jane Crystal Capris

BP ‘Trolley’ Ankle Bootie

And finally, these BP booties where a very pleasant surprise. My sister ended up getting the black pair and since we take the same shoe size I tried them on as well as the tan colored ones. The leather is very soft and I think the value of these is incredible at this price point. $129.95 for leather booties like this is just unreal. I also love that besides these 3 basic colors they had a bunch of other colors with contrasting bucle and herringbone.  I couldn’t justify getting the black ones I liked since I have my Rag&Bone ones I got at the anniversary sale (love those!) but I’m thinking that if I wanted to have an alternate funky color like the tan these would be the way to go. My mom really loved these too because she said they were the style of boots she wore in the 70’s. 

BP 'Trolley' Ankle Bootie

BP 'Trolley' Ankle Bootie

BP 'Trolley' Ankle Bootie

  1. I love that hard tail tank!! I agree with you about lululemon's beachscape – I bought the tank then returned it bc it was watered down in real life. Thank you for these awesome reviews! I'm really getting bored of LLL (been buying since 2010) so I appreciate the variety.

    1. Thanks!! I love it so much too. Glad I bit the bullet on it.
      I'm feeling the same. They've really dropped the ball this September and really failed to value social media photo sharing with their drastically reduced store photos this month.

    2. You know those are my thoughts exactly. I actually check your blog now more than LLL's website because 1) I'm just not wowed with anything they're putting out right now. Repeat colors and styles. And the new styles are awful. 2) The pictures are so awful online I can't make out any details of the pieces anyway. 3) Those store photos were really helpful for fit/styling ideas. I just really feel like I'm moving on from my lulu obsession. We had a good run (6 years), but I'm moving on I think.

    3. Same here. I'm loving the reviews on the other non-Lulu pieces. I just looked at the Lulu website and there's nothing I want to buy right now and that feels weird, since I have always lusted after something for the past several years. I think I'm over my obsession too.

  2. Keep these reviews coming! I have always loved your fit reviews and am really loving that you are branching out into other brands. I've been incredibly disappointed in Lulu lately and am loving seeing these alternatives!

  3. you should also check out The Bay online – they carry some of the brands,,,,I see they have the ALO too — and they quite often run sales or have 25% off friends/family sales, etc….if you are interested in saving a bit of money off full retail price.

    1. I agree, The Bay online is a good one to look into as well. They have quite a few nice brands, lots of nice shoes/boots, etc and great jeans selection. I mostly live in my Lulu but have been looking into branching out lately. Haven't bought any new jeans in ages and ages and see that The Bay has a really good selection to choose from.

    2. I had no idea!!! Thanks for the tip. I'll be checking that out for sure. My local Bay is pretty dumpy and has poor selection of everything but it's good if you can order online and easily return in store.

  4. Thank you for the Nordstrom try on reviews! Always love your Lulu reviews and now really loving these Nordstroms ones too, especially now that I'm beginning to look into other brands besides Lulu. Loving the Hard Tail tank so much, and it looks so good on you. There is a new Nordstroms near me so may have to go and check it out soon – so glad that they're now in Canada. Would you say I should expect to see the same things in the one closest to me as the one you have there in Vancouver? Really loving that tank, hope the one near me has them! You're looking really great lately Lulumum. I have to admit I'm beginning to feel a little envious about how fantastic you look in everything. I really need to step it up a bit and get back to doing some of the things I used to, been slacking off for a while now.

    1. Awe thank you!! that is so sweet of you. Don't feel envious though, I have a long ways to go.

      I bet you your store will have these brands. If they don't though you could always get a free send sale from any of the other Canadian stores either to your house or to your Nordstrom store. And you can let the department manager know what items you are interested in seeing them carry.

  5. I like these posts a lot! Lulu has been *sucking* lately at making me feel "agh I must own that" like I used to. The company surely monitors you and luluaddict and other popular blogs devoted to their obsessed customers and I actually hope they're panicking a little bit seeing these posts and the comments that everyone is really open to trying other brands. "Lululemon I don't want to break up but you've been letting me down lately. Please get envious and worried and listen to your customers better because I don't want to stay together forever but I know I can find something better !"

  6. I ordered the tank. I need a fall shift of colors and I love the colors in that tank. I really want to try some Alo yoga pants but I hate the leg warmer look ones.

  7. LOVE the tank on you – looks fabulous! and completely agree with others in that we really appreciate you doing these additional reviews. it does seem that lulu has been dropping the ball more and more lately. thanks for all of your hard work!

  8. I love that you're doing this fit reviews. Like many others, I'm getting bored of Lulu and branching into other brands. I can't wait until Nordies gets to Toronto. Would you mind posting Canadian prices for these items? It would be really helpful since the online price is just the US price converted to Canadian currency.

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