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Fit Review: On The Go Scarf

October 23, 2015

I have fallen in love with the On The Go Scarf! Last month I had ordered the Bundle Up Scarf because I was liking the blankie scarf trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere but the Bundle Up Scarf was not a great fit for me so I returned it. The lapels on the Bundle Up Scarf where very fussy for me getting them to lay just so, and the scarf seemed too short in the back. I felt like I really had to adjust it properly to have it lay exactly the right way. Also, the lapels where quite overwhelming on my frame. I am really loving the colorway the US got for the Bundle Up though in the Minkberry. So gorgeous! I may have forced myself to make that one work. 

This On The Go Scarf is a much better fit for me since it zips up and it sits on the bias all the way around. I really love the contrasting zipper detail which makes it quite edgy and not so ‘busy PTA mom’. I also really love that there is a seam at the shoulder which creates a pocket for your shoulder. It’s just such a nice seam detail that creates a really pretty neckline. The material is nice and soft merino wool but without having the commitment of having to wear a too warm wool sweater. I’d love to see this come in a solid Minkberry. If the Bundle Up didn’t work for you but you really wanted a blankie scarf then give this one a try!

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12 responses to “Fit Review: On The Go Scarf”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice review! How did you end up liking the striped Rebel Runners? I'm interested in them but haven't heard much about how they fit/feel. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Re. the striped rebel runners – as someone who has pretty skinny legs, i would have to agree with lulumum here on the contrast detail cutting off the legs and making them look shorter. Wish they would have just left well alone and kept the strip going all the way down instead of interrupting it with the solid panel on the bottom of the leg. I hope their new lead designer does a better job than the former Kmart executive ( no offense to kmart shoppers).

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the replies. I was worried about the black cuff looking weird and this probably convinces me not to buy.

    • dogrunner says:

      I returned the rebel runners in wee stripe too. I tried two different sizes and couldn't get the black cuff to fit snuggly. They came almost to my ankle so I am sure that is why it was so big. I too could see the hang tag but the stripe makes it less obvious. I doubt anyone would notice. I thought they felt really slippery and didn't really care for them at all, bummer because I love the high rise.

    • Lulumum says:

      I liked them but have not torn tags off yet. I'll try to do a fit review of them tonight along with the Wrap Jacket.
      The bullet points are *I find them mostly opaque but you can see tag *the black contrast at the bottom cuts off at the widest part of my calf and I feel like it makes my legs look shorter

    • Kas says:

      I ended up returning mine as well. I agree with others that the black cuff did nothing for my legs and hit at a weird place while not being tight enough. I also think they were way too busy with the stripes and all of the dark seams- and not in a flattering way. I usually love stripes (most recent is cyber UV speeds) but something about the combo on the striped RRs really turned me off. I got them in my TTS 4 and they just weren't flattering. Bummer. Now I am afraid to even take a chance on solid pair.
      However just got the black poncho and really like it. I can see keeping this in the car and throwing it over a lot of things this fall/winter. Works even tho I am short too…which I was afraid it would be too much. I say give it a try if on the fence.

  2. Michele says:

    Were you able to wear it (On the Go scarf) as a scarf like it was shown in the pictures? I bought the Bundle Up Scarf and I have yet to master the scarf look. I was curious if it was easy to wear the On The Go scarf as a scarf because it looks really nice as a scarf on the photos! Thanks!

    • Lulumum says:

      No I definitely won't wear it as a scarf. I am not a scarf person and can never figure them out when they are bulky. If I wear a scarf it's got to be thin and gauzy.

  3. Justine Nota says:

    I ended up ordering this as well! Can't wait!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I posted this on another thread… but be careful!! The On The Go scarf/poncho snags so easily. I was being super careful and before I knew it, it had two snags. 🙁 It is super cute though!

  5. Yup! I went in to the store tonight, not planning on buying the On The Go Scarf and loved it when I put it on. It sits beautifully and I really like how it is long in the back. I even like the ribbon pull off the zipper.

  6. Kate says:

    Looks great!!! Good Choice!!

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